Libra’s character: its main disadvantages

Libra’s character: its main disadvantages

Libras are people born from September 24 to October 23. In appearance they are cute and fluffy, but if you get to know them better… Then the essence of the representatives of this sign is revealed. What makes it special Libra character and what its dark sides are worth knowing about, read today.

The negative qualities of this air sign sometimes put an end to communication with many people. After all, not everyone is able to come to terms with repulsive disadvantages born under the sign of Libra.

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What is special about the character of Libra: its main disadvantages


This sign is characterized by selfishness. Often those born under it think only about their desires and needs. They constantly use the help of loved ones, not at all embarrassed by the regularity with which they do this.

Inability to adapt to adult life

Libra can very easily get excited about a new idea, and then just as quickly go out. If they become uninterested in something, they immediately quit working on it. That is why representatives of this sign quite often do not finish what they start. It is also difficult for Libra to solve any problem. Since they are constantly confident that everything will resolve itself (without their direct participation).

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Reluctance to be responsible for something

This sign got its name for a reason. After all, scales are bowls that outweigh each other. Because of this, representatives of this sign have a very difficult time making decisions. They are constantly gnawed by doubts. That’s why Libra often asks friends for advice. This trait is reflected in their family life. Since those born under this sign disown any serious everyday issues (for example, paying for utilities). They try to throw off all responsibility.

Inability to put things in order

Although this sign is ruled by Venus (the planet of love), relations with Libra are not easy. The fact is that in everyday matters they are often called complete zeros. Representatives of such an air sign think that they are not created for such a mundane activity as cleaning. Therefore, washing dishes and floors, as well as throwing out garbage, falls on their partner. This position of Libra quite often becomes the reason for breakups.

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Of course, every zodiac sign has negative character traits. And Libra is no exception. We previously shared list of zodiac signswho don’t know how to make friends at all. Read it, it’s interesting!

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