Life hacks with plastic bottles for the closet

Life hacks with plastic bottles for the closet

Empty plastic bottles are an excellent material for making various kinds of crafts. Therefore, they should not be thrown away immediately. These containers of different volumes can quickly find application in the economy. In today’s article, we will talk about what are original life hacks with plastic bottles for the closet. And they are all working!

Upgrade hangers with bottles. Thus, you can both save space in the closet, and get even more benefits from homemade devices for clothes. Grab your water bottles and get to work.

Interesting life hacks with plastic bottles: Top 3

Trick #1

A problem like deformation of things in the shoulder area, arose among many lovers of placing things on hangers, and not putting them on shelves. As you know, it is simply impossible to return the previous look to wardrobe items, the fabric of which has stretched over time. After all, no expensive steamers and washing with special means will help to correct this situation.

To avoid the appearance of deformation of things, it is worth resorting to using one cunning trick. Put on each side of the hanger empty plastic bottle. Thanks to these containers, the necessary volume will appear, and the clothes will not stretch in the shoulder area.

Trick #2

If your closet is small enough and not as many things fit on the hangers as you would like, you should arm yourself with an original life hack. Now you will need to use not whole bottles, but only pen ring plastic bottle, designed for 5 liters. Remove it from the container and put it on a hanger. So without any special device you will be able to place a lot of things in a small closet. To do this, you do not even have to install another pipe. And all because the hangers will hang one on top of the other.

Trick number 3

Don’t know how to fold scarves? Do you want them not to wrinkle at the same time and it was convenient to get them? There is an exit! Stop putting scarves on the shelf. Remove the pipe for hangers in the closet and put on it the ring handles from plastic bottles of large volumes. Then put the bar back. As a result, you will get simple and easy to use hangers for scarvesas well as scarves.

Thanks to such ingenious life hacks, you will not have any difficulties in organizing space even in the smallest closet. Main – don’t throw away plastic bottlesbecause they will help you in this matter.

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