Lunar calendar of haircuts in October 2023

Lunar calendar of haircuts in October 2023

Healthy self-care not only gives us satisfaction with our appearance, but also benefits. So, regularly updating your haircut greatly strengthens your hair and accelerates its growth. In addition, the novelty of the image gives confidence and lifts the mood. And for everything to turn out perfect, most beauties do not lose sight of lunar calendar of haircuts.

After all, no matter how strange it may sound, the Moon directly affects the condition of our hair. There are days when the hair is as unruly as possible, and other days there are no difficulties with styling it. And thanks to the haircut calendar compiled by by the editors of “With Taste”you can choose the best date to change your hairstyle.

Lunar calendar of haircuts in October 2023

Plan your visit to the hair stylist only on favorable days. Below you will find out which dates in October 2023 are best for a successful haircut, perm and color.

Suitable days

2 October – a great day for using masks and performing various hair treatments. On this day, gray hair is easily covered.
October 6 – this day is not suitable for straight-haired girls. But those with curly hair can safely make an appointment. This date is good for repainting in light shades.
October 11 – one of the best days for a haircut of the year. Hair will be shiny, healthy and strong. The date is suitable for any coloring or perm.
October 18 — if you dream of growing long hair quickly, then this is your day. You can color and straighten your hair.
October 21 – an ideal date for Capricorns. A haircut on such a day will strengthen the ends of your hair and your hair will not fall out. In addition, you can do perm and coloring.
October 23 — experiments with hair are welcome! On this day, any change in image will benefit your hair.
October 26 – a great day for those whose hair is brittle and prone to loss. You can safely make an appointment with your hairdresser on this date.

Bad days

October 6 – if you go to a beauty salon on this day, then most likely your hair will become tangled and thin. And the hairstyle is unlikely to please.
October 7th – the curl will not last long, and hair dyed that day will quickly fade. Cutting your hair is also not recommended.
17 October – you won’t get a good haircut. You should also avoid curling during this time. Dyeing will do a lot of damage to your hair, so leave color experiments for later.
October 23 – You are strictly forbidden to cut your hair or dye your hair.
27th October – Dyeing and curling will only worsen the condition of your hair. Any haircut will speed up their loss.

Whether we like it or not, but The moon influences all life on Earth, including our appearance and health. Finally, remember one important rule: on the waning moon haircut heals hair and fixes its shape, and into a growing – simplifies curling and accelerates growth. Previously, we compiled a lunar calendar for indoor plants.

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