Necessary spices in the kitchen: top 5

Necessary spices in the kitchen: top 5

There are simply countless spices in the world. But every hostess has her own basic set of spiceswhom she never cheats on. If you have not yet decided on your kit that will help you in preparing various dishes, the editors of “With Taste” are in a hurry to help. We tell you what are the most necessary spices in the kitchen.

Having bought this set in the store, consisting from 5 points, you will always have the opportunity to please your loved ones with completely different dishes (from soups and appetizers to side dishes and desserts). You will not have the need to run to the store because of the lack of some kind of spice.

The most necessary spices in the kitchen: the right five

Black pepper (peas)

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Black peppercorns are simply irreplaceable during the preparation of many dishes. Indeed, unlike ground spices, they are destroyed much more slowly. Thanks to this feature, black peppercorns give dishes a very rich aroma and taste. Be sure to add it when preparing first courses. You will not regret!


This spice has a special nutty aroma that cannot be confused with any other. It is enough to add a very small amount of cumin to the dish to make it amazingly tasty. We advise you to buy this spice as a whole. If necessary, grind it and add it during cooking. In this case, cumin will reveal its taste as much as possible.

smoked paprika

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Do you want to have a bite of meat cooked on a fire, but there is no opportunity to go out into nature? For this case, you need to have smoked paprika in reserve. This spice will give your dish a unique aroma of smoke and fire. Add smoked paprika to veggie and meat appetizers to impress your guests with your dishes. It will be incredibly delicious!


Due to the frequent use of this bright orange spice in Thai as well as Indian dishes, it is known all over the world. It has a very mild yet rich flavor. Cooks add turmeric to dishes not only for flavor, but also to give food the desired color. After all, this spice colors many products, making them even more appetizing.


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There is an opinion that ground cinnamon can only be used when baking sweet pastries. After all, the combination of this spice with apples is an eternal classic. In fact, ground cinnamon can be taken when preparing various fruit salads, as well as when making sweet winter preparations. Cook mulled wine at home? Great! If you don’t have a whole stick of cinnamon, this ground spice will give a delicious aroma to the finished hot drink. Guaranteed!

Just 5 of these spices will allow you to create an excellent base of spiceswith which you can take on any recipe. Isn’t it perfect? Share in the comments what spices should always be in your kitchen.

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