Orchid care in autumn: all the rules

Orchid care in autumn: all the rules

Orchids are special because they can captivate with their elegance. You can admire their beauty all day long. But in order for this plant to please you with its magnificent appearance for as long as possible, it should be followed take proper care. Since this flower is quite whimsical. Let’s talk about what is typical for caring for an orchid in the fall.

The onset of cold weather is quite dangerous period for such a delicate flower. You need to help it adapt to lower air temperatures, otherwise the plant may get sick. Also, with the beginning of the heating season, you should be very attentive to the level of humidity in the room. And these are not all the nuances that those who grow orchids need to remember in October and November.

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What is special about caring for an orchid in the fall: all the subtleties

Main rules

  • Watering. In autumn, watering the orchid should be reduced if it goes into dormancy. This procedure should be carried out no more than once every 10 days.
  • Transfer. Before the onset of cold weather, it is better not to replant the orchid. We advise you to postpone this until spring arrives.
  • Lighting. Due to the fact that in autumn the sun’s rays become not as bright as in summer, the flower needs to be moved to the foreground. There is no need to darken it.
  • Temperature. It is important to prevent the orchid from overcooling in the autumn. Otherwise, the flower may disappear.

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Feeding orchids in autumn

With the arrival of autumn, it is worth fertilizing only those types of orchids that continue to be in the growth period. If the flower has gone into a dormant period, fertilizing should be abandoned. There is a turbo fertilizer, thanks to which you can saturate your orchid with the necessary nutrients.

You will need:

  • 500 ml settled water
  • 1 tbsp. l. quality milk (homemade)

How to make and use:

  1. Add homemade milk to the settled water. Mix everything thoroughly.
  2. Place the pot with the orchid in a large container (for example, a bowl).
  3. We water the flower with the prepared fertilizer so that the root system can penetrate deeper into the solution.
  4. Leave the orchid in the bath with fertilizer for 20 minutes. Then we strain out the remaining fertilizer, allowing it to drain out of the pot.
  5. Next, we send the orchid to its usual place. We repeat this procedure once every 14 days.

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Remember the features of orchid care in the autumn so that you can enjoy beautiful and lush flowers on your windowsill. Also use home feedingconsisting of homemade milk and water. Thanks to it, your plant will become less vulnerable to stress factors and more prone to abundant flowering.

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