Organizing your space: 10-10-10 cleaning method

Organizing your space: 10-10-10 cleaning method

Some struggle with clutter in their apartment every day, while others put off “pleasure” until Saturday. In my home he is responsible for the cleanliness and comfort organization of space, and she, in turn, is supported by every family member throughout the day. How is this possible? Very simple! Following the precepts of Marie Kondo, we without pity get rid of things that do not bring us any benefit or pleasure. This is the basic principle of cleaning.

Of course, if you get rid of all the unnecessary junk and trinkets, the house will become more spacious. But not cleaner. To make sure my apartment always feels tidy and cozy, my family follows the 10-10-10 cleaning method. I am sure that this approach will help you take a fresh look at home care. The 10-10-10 method can completely change the way you think about cleaning, making it easy and, surprisingly, even fun.

The 10-10-10 Method: Basic Principles

This cleaning method assumes that you spend 10 minutes getting rid of 10 things in 10 places. Of course, we are not talking about rooms. A place is considered, for example, a corner of a room with a variety of furniture or something even smaller: a desk, a refrigerator, a window sill. By the way, you can even count your bag as a place. We all know what happens in a woman’s purse sometimes.

To ensure that testing this method doesn’t cause you any difficulties or discourage you from trying it at all, start by making a list of the places you’ll be cleaning. I recommend counting each shelf filled with trinkets as a separate place that requires attention. This will help you use your 10 minutes more efficiently.

If exemplary minimalism and hyper-functionality reigns in your home, this is not yet a reason to relax. Each of the places indicated in the list requires wet cleaning, repairs, etc. Take this opportunity to remind your husband about the loose cabinet door, and your children about the unwatered plants.

How to invest and why it is important to stop on time

When you start cleaning using the 10-10-10 method, be sure to arm yourself with a timer. Set it, for example, on your phone for 10 minutes and stop immediately after the signal. Did not have enough time? You’ll finish the job next time. Did you manage it earlier? Fabulous! Move on to the next location early.

There is no need to turn express cleaning into regular cleaning. It is better to spend this time communicating with family, relaxing and self-education. And if you see that you don’t have time, involve all family members in cleaning. So there will definitely be enough time!

To make quick cleaning also enjoyable, turn on pleasant music for the mood. You can light a scented candle or even play a TV series in the background. If the weather permits, open the window and listen to the birds singing. In the process, you can communicate with family members who help you. All these little things will make the cleaning process more fun and enjoyable.

Of course, the things you put away (whether trinkets or clothes that are already too small) don’t have to be thrown away. They can be donated to charity, resold or saved for the future. Don’t skimp on things! Leave only what you know you can still use.

Does organizing space work?

In truth, in a house that is cleaned regularly, There is no need to use this method every day. You don’t have 10 things every day that need to be returned to their place or thrown away. But if you feel chaos in your home, then the 10-10-10 technique will work great.

Use it in several rounds: for example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Leave gaps for breathing and reviewing things. This way you will gradually identify the junk, get rid of it and not get tired halfway through.

By the way, if your home boasts cleanliness and order and does not need extensive work, you can reduce the range of times, things and places. Turn the classic technique into the 5-5-5 method, or even 3-3-3. Putting things in order will become even more comfortable and faster. What do you think of the idea?

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