Password words for a better life

Password words for a better life

Believe me, the power of the word is pure magic, the key to the subconscious, so to speak. Some words bring us closer to dreams, while others put spokes in the wheel in achieving at least some results. However, there are certain password wordsusing which you can not only improve the quality of life, but also become more joyful.

These expressions somehow miraculously suppress any negative thoughts in our heads. In bioenergetics, 20 basic password words are distinguished for prosperity in any business, attraction of boundless love and a sense of happiness into your life. However, when working with such words, you need to follow some rules. Will tell everyone about it Edition “With Taste”.

Rules for using password words

Everything here is quite simple and even banal: they said the necessary password word aloud – they launched the mechanism of positive changes. But even in such an elementary matter there are some nuances:

  • Do not say password words unnecessarily. You must sincerely believe in the fulfillment of your plan. Desires should be exclusively yours, and not imposed by someone from the outside.
  • There is no doubt about this method. Skepticism is the worst ally in such matters.
  • Choose a few passwords that you think will help you succeed. Repeat them throughout the day as often as possible.

20 password words for fulfilling desires

Password words are a working way to program yourself for success and fulfillment of desires. By repeating them daily, you will connect your consciousness with your subconscious. And it will change your life drastically over time! Let’s check?

  1. Protect (protect) – protects from dangers and troubles on the way to the set goals;
  2. Forward (Ahead) – for a quick breakthrough in a matter of interest;
  3. lighten – to easily perform complex work and overcome obstacles;
  4. Finish (finish, gotta finish) – to get rid of doubts, feelings of resentment and fear;
  5. Can – to develop willpower and motivation;
  6. Be (I will) – helps to get rid of internal blocks, harmonizes consciousness;
  7. Obviously (appear) – to resurrect the necessary knowledge and memories in order to find the answer to the tormenting question;
  8. Away – a word that gets rid of negative thoughts, bad habits and attitudes;
  9. move – relieves laziness, depression and apathy;
  10. Get – help to master new opportunities;
  11. Attention – a word that will remove all doubts and self-doubt;
  12. fight – help to win (in court, competition);
  13. Turn on (turn on) – used to convince other people that they are right;
  14. Reveal (reveal) – strengthens self-esteem, reveals talents, promotes good health.
  15. Enough — protection from loans, debts and material problems;
  16. Hush (quietly) – a word that awakens psychic abilities;
  17. Order – to find a way out of a confusing situation;
  18. Personally – attracts success in any chosen activity;
  19. Opinion means to become bold and fearless;
  20. comply (observe) – contributes to obtaining the necessary life experience.

Our reality is unstable. She becomes unbearable or happy only depending on how a particular person sees her. A clear expression of dissatisfaction, constant attention to the bad, sooner or later will lead to negative events.. But, by saying positive positive affirmations, we seem to invite good luck into our lives. And password words will 100% help you with this. Take care of yourself and be happy. You may also be interested in the following article – what words scare away money.

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