Pasta spread of fish and caviar

Pasta spread of fish and caviar

Preparation description:

The paste-spread is stored in a glass, well-closed jar for several days. With it you can make sandwiches, stuff tartlets and rolls. You can take any smoked fish at your discretion, and caviar is better small and dense so that it does not burst when mixed.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making fish and caviar spread. Take out the butter beforehand so that it becomes soft.

For smoked fish, I have bream, remove the skin, separate the meat and carefully select everything, even small bones. Put the fish meat in a blender bowl and add soft butter.

Punch everything with a blender until smooth. Pour lemon juice into the mass, salt a little and add fish caviar, I have cod caviar. Whisk again until smooth. Serve the spread on toasted bread or a baguette.

Bon appetit!

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