Pea soup without meat

Pea soup without meat

Description of preparation:

Below I will tell you in more detail how to make pea soup without meat. Instead of smoked paprika, you can add liquid smoke. The thickness of the soup can be adjusted to your taste by adding more or less water. You can also use vegetable or mushroom broth instead of water. Peas contain a lot of vegetable protein, so the soup turns out rich and satisfies well. And for flavor, I suggest adding smoked paprika to it.

Prepare all ingredients.

Pre-soak the peas in water for 1-2 hours.

Rinse the peas, place them in a saucepan and cover with clean water. Bring to a boil and cook over moderate heat for about 50 minutes.

Peel the potatoes and cut into medium-sized slices.

Add to the pan with the peas and cook for another 15-20 minutes.

Cut the onions into half rings and grate the carrots. Fry vegetables with vegetable oil until golden brown.

Add the roasted vegetables to the pan. Add salt, bay leaf and all spices. Cook the soup for another 5 minutes.

At the end, add finely chopped dill, boil for 1-2 minutes and remove from the stove.

Meatless pea soup is ready, bon appetit!

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