Pie “Dragon” for New Year 2024

Pie “Dragon” for New Year 2024

Description of preparation:

Fabulous, mythical and delicious dragon! You can do it using all your imagination. Essentially this is one large tear-off pie that consists of many smaller pies. The dough turns out soft and incredibly airy and remains so even after several days. You can experiment with the filling, I used minced meat, but you can safely replace it. Perfect for: stewed cabbage, mashed potatoes with mushrooms or sausages, boiled rice with canned fish, liver, cottage cheese, etc. According to the eastern calendar, this is the year of the Green Wood Dragon. I propose to celebrate the symbol of the New Year correctly and tasty. A beautiful and unusual pie will help appease this predatory creature that loves meat. Be sure to prepare it, because such pastries will delight both children and adults!

Prepare all ingredients. You can use any minced meat, but it will be juicier if you use mixed minced meat.

Combine warm milk, vegetable oil, sugar, salt, egg and yeast.

Stir and leave for 10 minutes.

Then add flour in parts. I usually use 350-400 grams, but you may need a little less or more.

The finished dough should be slightly sticky, but at the same time soft and pliable. Gather it into a ball, grease with vegetable oil, cover the bowl with cling film and leave in a warm place for about 1.5 hours.

The dough should almost double in size.

The risen dough must be kneaded and allowed to rise again, leaving for about an hour.

At this time, prepare the filling. The filling can be absolutely anything to your taste. The dough is universal and goes with everything. I combined minced meat with finely diced onions and potatoes. Use salt and spices to taste.

Now you need to divide the dough into parts. Leave the larger part for the body. One smaller part will be the blank for the head. Two slightly smaller parts are wings. And three parts are approximately the same size – the tip of the tail and the legs.

And a few small blanks can be left for the “spikes” of our dragon.

Roll out the largest part, approximately as in the photo, and lay out the filling. I recommend baking the pie on a special mat or using good baking paper. Therefore, you can roll out the dough directly on it.

Carefully pinch the edges so that the filling does not leak juice, turn it seam side down and form the body of the future dragon.

Using a smaller piece of dough, form the head in the same way, giving it the desired shape. The dough is actually very flexible and incredibly easy to work with. Form round or oval pies and give them the desired shape with your hands – it’s very fun and easy! Show off all your imagination!

Use smaller pieces to form patties for the wings, legs and tail. The spikes are also very easy to make; I formed the pies like dumplings and simply applied them to the back and head.

Cover the pie with a towel and leave for 20 minutes, then brush with yolk. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minutes until the top is browned.

The Dragon Pie is ready. Let it cool slightly and then carefully remove from the baking sheet. Before serving, you can make eyes, a nose and a mouth out of olives. You can use any other means at hand if you wish.

Happy New Year!

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