Pitted cherry jam in a bread machine

Pitted cherry jam in a bread machine

Preparation description:

Cherry jam cooked in a bread machine can be eaten immediately or put away for storage until winter. Jam can also be cooked with seeds, but then it cannot be used for baking and desserts.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making cherry jam in a bread machine. Sort the berries, wash and dry.

Remove pits from cherries.

In the bowl of the bread machine, set the blades, lay out the prepared cherries and pour in the sugar. Leave everything for 6 hours so that the berries release juice.

Close the lid of the bread maker and set the “Jam” or “Jam” mode. Turn on and wait for the end of cooking signal.

After the beep of the end, spread the finished jam in sterilized jars and tightly roll up the lids.

Good preparations!

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