Pollock fish cutlets (very tasty)

Pollock fish cutlets (very tasty)

Description of preparation:

The cutlets turn out incredibly tasty and it’s hard to believe that they are made from ordinary pollock. Appetizing and satisfying, they are suitable for both adults and children. In my opinion, they are best served with fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes or boiled rice. Ruddy cutlets with a crispy crust will please everyone and perfectly diversify the daily menu.

Prepare all ingredients.

Wash the fish and fillet it.

Pass the fillet through a meat grinder with the smallest holes.

Peel the potatoes, garlic and onions, cut them and also chop them using a meat grinder.

Add egg, mayonnaise, salt and spices to taste to the minced meat.

Mix thoroughly.

Form the minced meat into cutlets.

Fry them in a frying pan heated with oil on both sides until golden brown. Fry over moderate heat.

Pollock fish cutlets are ready. Place on a plate and serve. Bon appetit!

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