Prayer to Saint Rita, which is said in hopeless cases

Prayer to Saint Rita, which is said in hopeless cases

Nun Rita is revered all over the world as the patroness of hopeless causes. By turning to this saint, you can find a way out even in the most hopeless situations. During her lifetime, this woman earned the love of the Lord thanks to her kindness, endless mercy and prudence. She is considered the patroness of all desperate people, so she helps even in the most difficult situations.

Drunkenness, drug addiction, adultery and other sins can be prayed out before her icon. Thursday prayer to Saint Rita helps those who are unable to forgive their enemies and ill-wishers. He further talks about the miraculous power of the holy word, as well as about the life of a nun. Editorial “With Taste”.

Prayer to Saint Rita

“Under the weight of pain, I turn to You, Saint Rita, in the hope of being heard. Free my heart from the worries that burden me and give peace to my spirit, filled with anxiety.

Oh, patron saint of the needy and the desperate. You are like a shining star of hope in the darkness, blessed Saint Rita, a living mirror of God’s grace, an example of strength and patience, an example of a sinless life!

You fulfilled God’s will, thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, who experienced wearing the crown of thorns, and with whom you were every day. Saint Rita, with your grace, pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary that she will hear my pain in the glory of God.

Lead me and show me the righteous path, protect and support me, ward off troubles. Give me perseverance, the ability to walk with courage, kindness and patience along the path of life.
(Here you need to say your request)

Saint Rita, creator of the impossible, pray for us. Protector of the helpless, pray for us. Help me, Saint Rita! Pray for me so that through you my love for our Lord Jesus will come. Chosen by the Crucified Christ, help me to live well and die well. Amen!”

The life story of Saint Rita

Christians all over the world especially venerate and pray to Saint Rita. Many claim that it helps even in the most hopeless cases. Find out below who this wonderful woman was and how she earned the gratitude of the Lord himself.

Rita Kashiyskaya was born in 1381 into an ordinary peasant family. The parents frantically rejoiced at the birth of their daughter, because for many years before that they had been infertile. At the same time, they did not stop daily praying to God to give them a child.

From an early age the girl enjoyed going to church. And instead of playing with her peers, she spent time in prayer. According to the traditions of that time, she was married off at a fairly young age. The husband turned out to be an older nobleman named Paolo Mancini. And this despite Rita’s numerous requests to let her go to the monastery.

Subsequently, she became the wife of a wealthy but cruel husband who had a violent temper. Soon the couple had two sons. Mother tried to raise pious and kind people. But one day, when their father died during a fight with enemies, the sons decided to take revenge on the killers. Having learned about their intentions, Rita long and stubbornly persuaded them not to breed evil on earth. However, the boys and their mother did not agree. And then the woman began to ask the Almighty to take her sons from earthly life. In order to at least in this way protect them from the hatred and malice that appeared in their hearts.

Soon a terrible plague epidemic occurred in those parts. because of which both guys died. The inconsolable widow and mother of dead children went to the monastery. And her suffering did not end there: the woman was rejected everywhere. Then she decided to become a peacemaker: intentionally went to where they were fighting, asking for reconciliation. She was scolded, driven away, threatened and even beaten. But she didn’t go out of her way. Subsequently, Rita was nevertheless accepted into the monastery, and there she spent her remaining 40 years. The nun received a stigmata, was very ill and lived through the Eucharistic fast. Moreover, the future saint was known throughout Umbria thanks to the power of her prayer.

When Rita died, a wonderful aroma evaporated from her body. The saint’s body showed no sign of decay and was never buried. Even when a fire broke out in the monastery and the fire engulfed everything around, the coffin remained intact and unharmed. The nun was beatified in 1628 and canonized in 1900.

Saint Rita is depicted on the icons in a black robe with a thorn on his forehead or a light beam from a wound on the head. The fact is that during her life she actually had a bloody mark on her forehead – the same as on the head of Jesus Christ from the crown of thorns.

There were cases when, after praying to Saint Rita, women who could not conceive a child for a long time gave birth to healthy children without any intervention. The nun sent consolation to mothers whose adult children abused gambling, alcoholic drinks and drugs – their bloodstreams immediately got rid of these passions. Moreover, without special treatment and rehabilitation.

The saint also helps those women whose husbands left them with their children and left home. When disappointed women began to sincerely pray for family happiness, their men returned and did everything possible to create a happy and strong family.

Also, those who are unable to forgive their offenders ask for patronage from Saint Rita. She helps them become merciful and kind. Before the icon of Saint Rita, one should also pray for the soldiers who defend their lands. Also read how the time of birth affects a person’s destiny.

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