Proper care of violets so that they bloom all year round

Proper care of violets so that they bloom all year round

Houseplants make our home closer to nature and contribute to the creation of comfort. There are lush ficus trees in ceramic pots in the bedroom, a spectacular Chinese rose in the living room, and a whole row of fragrant violets on the kitchen windowsill. They delight my eyes all year round. Long flowering period ensures proper care of violets. Today I’ll tell you how I personally achieve the greenhouse effect!

Not being a fan of chemical fertilizers, I always prefer organics. And my choice has never let me down. Unlike capricious orchids, violet does not require constant attention. Follow simple care rules and occasionally apply organic fertilizers. This will be enough for your flower to bloom lushly all year round!

Proper violet care: the basics

Violets are exquisite plants that need attention and care. Proper care will allow them to bloom and delight you with their beauty for as long as possible. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • Lighting. Violets love bright but diffused light. Avoid direct sunlight, which can damage the plant’s delicate leaves.
  • Watering. Sprinkle water on the violet leaves rather than pouring it directly into the pot. This will help prevent root rot.
  • Temperature and humidity. Violets do well at room temperature and high humidity. Regular spraying of foliage additionally maintains the desired level of humidity.
  • Transfer. Violets need to be replanted if necessary. Usually once a year. Renew the soil and root system so that the violets can continue to bloom.

Now that we have taken care of proper care, let’s move on to organic fertilizers. They will give the violet a healthier appearance and ensure long-lasting flowering.

How to fertilize violets at home

Coffee grounds. A universal fertilizer for home flowers, and violets are no exception. The nitrogen contained in coffee grounds stimulates the growth of green matter in your favorite plants. Spread the grounds in a thin layer over the surface of the soil in the pot. Remember that moderation is the key to avoid overdoing it.

Egg broth. A real magic potion for violets. The decoction is rich in calcium, which does wonders for plant growth and health. To prepare the decoction, boil the eggs without their shells. Use the water they boiled in to water the violets. Your plants will thank you for this with their beauty.

Banana peel. Nothing better has yet been invented for fertilizing violets. Banana peels are a source of potassium, which stimulates flowering and keeps plants healthy. Use banana peels by chopping them into small pieces. Add them to the soil or infuse them with water for irrigation. No difference! It’s worth feeding the violet with this “banana gift” a couple of times a month.

Aquarium water. Another secret elixir for violet health. Aquarium water contains natural fertilizers. For example, nitrogen compounds and microelements that will strengthen your plants. Periodically replace some of the water in the aquarium and use it to water the violets.

Remember that every plant is unique. It is important to provide them with the necessary care for healthy growth and flowering. Tune in to the magic and care for your violets with love – they will respond to you with their incredible beauty and fragrance. For your home violet, you are a wizard, and your home is a magical greenhouse!

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