Psychological test “Choose a dress”

Psychological test “Choose a dress”

According to psychologists, when making this or that choice, each of us is guided by qualities that are characteristic only of him. And fashion preferences in clothing are no exception. For this reason Editorial “With Taste” I have prepared for you a simple psychological “Choose a dress” test.

Having chosen the outfit you like, you will recognize your signature features and the main character traits that make you stand out from the crowd. At the same time, try not to hesitate: the faster you decide, the closer you will be to the correct answer. This psychological test uses the associative method and will tell you a lot of interesting things about you.

Psychological test “Choose a dress”

Sometimes the choice of clothing can reveal our character even more than our immediate surroundings. After taking the following test, you will certainly be convinced of this, because often our tastes reflect our true essence. Look carefully at the picture and choose the most beautiful dress in your opinion. The result will tell you the most personal and secret things about you.


You tend to be interested in everything new and unusual. And this speaks of you as a subtle and sensitive nature. Such a woman knows how to flirt and loves increased attention from men. You like to catch admiring glances and thereby evoke special passionate feelings in yourself. However, only those who surround you with comfort and comfort can win your favor. confidence in the future. It is important for you to know that you are valued and respected. Such a person truly loves and cares for his family and children.


Determination is your greatest asset. If necessary, a nature like you will go ahead. You are not at all afraid of change or experimentation. You are flexible, so adapting to certain conditions or events is not a problem for you. Such women have enough strong-willed and strong character. They achieve their goals in the shortest possible time. You are unlikely to stop there, so it is better not to stand in your way. Nature has rewarded you with a certain expression and passion. Such natures like to be in the center of attention. You are a rather capricious person, but you are capable of being selfless and altruistic.


You are a friendly and cheerful person. Friendliness and positivity are what come to mind when you appear. The truth is, it’s impossible not to fall in love with a woman like you. You are sociable and interesting. Your character contains courage and originality. You are not devoid of self-irony, tact and have a great sense of humor. Until you are very old, you will strive for self-development, because you are always ready to learn new things. There is never a dull moment with you, because you can be unpredictable and mysterious. Such women adapt well to different living conditions and can get along with even the most hot-tempered men.

Remember: the imagination of fashion designers is limitless, but the classics are unforgettable. If you want to have an outfit that will suit any occasion, don’t forget the little black dress. In the following material we propose to find out what hairstyles have returned to us from the past.

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