Psychological test “Choose a lantern”

Psychological test “Choose a lantern”

It is known that the subconscious mind contains much more information than the conscious mind. Moreover, some psychotherapists believe that it records not only what happens to us from the moment we grow up, but also past incarnations. In total, this all affects our character, decisions and actions. That’s why Editorial “With Taste” invites you to go “Choose a flashlight” testwhich was designed to reveal the secrets of human personality.

This elementary test allows you to look at yourself and your environment from a different angle. In just a few minutes, you can discover your strengths in relationships with others. Here, associations that arise in a person when choosing one answer option or another are used. Thanks to them, you can easily identify the most important helpers in your life.

Psychological test “Choose a lantern”

This test helps you listen to your inner feelings and find the correct answer. Look at the picture below, turn off your head and turn on your intuition. Choose the lantern that attracts and appeals to you the most. Read below who is your best life partner.

Lantern No. 1

Communication and friendliness are your faithful companions. It is from communicating with people that you draw energy and strength to overcome any obstacles. Those around you respect and adore you. You are ready in difficult times to support everyone with whom you have ever crossed paths. Good disposition, patient character, empathy and ease of communication – that’s all you. Remain the same bright and pleasant person you are!

Lantern No. 2

There is a woman in your life who desperately protects you from possible troubles and misfortunes. Not only does she love you endlessly, but she is ready to support you even in the darkest times. It could be your friend, mother, sister or a relative – in any case, this individual is clearly one of your emotional supports. No matter what scary or unpleasant situation you find yourself in, she will come to your side and help.

Lantern No. 3

Self-discipline, principles and strict limits allow you to grow and achieve your desired goals. You are your own best helper, because you are not at all afraid of responsibility. You are a perfectionist and are used to do everything perfectly, so you’re unlikely to call anyone to help you. You are ready to gain new knowledge constantly, so don’t stop developing. Self-respect makes you an independent and strong person, to whom everyone around you is drawn.

Lantern No. 4

Emotions are one of your strengths. You know how to manage them, you know when you need an outlet for negative thoughts and you pacify yourself when necessary. It makes you amazing balanced and calm person through life. You do not accumulate resentment or anger, and are not prone to complexes. Sincerity not only with yourself, but also with others puts you a step above the rest.

Lantern No. 5

You are attentive and focused, and this gives you incredible advantages over those who have their head in the clouds. Rose-colored glasses and dreams of a carefree future are definitely not your way of existence. You look at the world realistically and soberly, so you rarely make mistakes or be disappointed. Think and analyze – definitely your strong point. You notice all the details and almost always make the right conclusions. Amazing!

Lantern No. 6

You are a fairly hard-working, persistent and capable person. In addition, you are thoughtful about expenses – both financial and emotional. This in turn makes you a very wise and confident person. You strive for success on your own, and others respect you for this. Some even dream of being like you. Stay as stable as you are persistent and thrifty. This is your key to success!

Undoubtedly, the subconscious is too complex a structure, and revealing all its secrets with the help of one picture is problematic. However, after passing this test, you will probably remove some veils of secrecy and get to know yourself better. Also pay attention to the following test – What character traits distinguish you from others.

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