Psychological test on crossed arms

Psychological test on crossed arms

The peculiarities of our character tend to manifest themselves even in very small movements. It is not difficult for an attentive interlocutor to understand what kind of person is standing in front of him and what emotions are raging in him at the moment. Try the fun crossed arms test and you’ll see how it works.

We advise you to completely relax before you begin. Then try to accept the most familiar for you pose with crossed arms. Eat? Next, name the hand that is on top of the other. And then move on to deciphering this quick psychological test.

Simple crossed arms test: results

Pose No. 1

If, when crossing your arms, you most often place your right hand on top of your left, it means that you are dominated by rationalism. Nature has given you a great gift – iron logic, which can help both in everyday life and at work. For you, facts come first, and feelings come second. You don’t tend to rush to conclusions. You do them only after a complete analysis of the available information.

What you don’t be led by emotions, greatly helps you build your career. You are seen as a very organized and diligent person, over whom feelings do not get the best of you. A cool mind is your assistant in achieving new career heights.

Undoubtedly, rationalism and logic help you at work. But sometimes excessive coldness becomes a problem in personal relationships. Don’t be afraid to show your true feelings that you are experiencing. Remember that showing them is not a sign of weakness.

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Pose No. 2

When you cross your arms, does your left hand end up on top? Well, it means nature has rewarded you strong intuition. You are a person who trusts your gut instinct and does so for good reason. You tend to be guided not by your mind, but by your emotions. Sometimes they overwhelm you and you make the wrong choices. This is a big minus.

But it must be said that your heart very rarely fails you. You good empath, making it very easy to pick up on other people’s moods. You always manage to find the right words to support a person in difficult times. Your intuition suggests the most correct phrases for this.

Arms crossed in this way also indicate that you are sufficiently creative person. Because of this, you should look for professions related to art, sports, psychology or spiritual practices. This way you can open up to your full potential.

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If you were able to accept a natural pose for you, cross your arms and assume that the results cannot be wrong. Share this test with your loved ones. Let them learn a little more about themselves.

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