Psychological test “What is your favorite color”

Psychological test “What is your favorite color”

Experts in the field of psychology have proven that a person’s favorite color can reflect his individuality and character traits. Want to know more about yourself? Pass “What’s your favorite color” testto reveal your leading personal qualities.

A little lower you can see a drawing with a bright palette. in front of you 6 colors, from which you need to choose your favorite. Don’t have your favorite here? In this case, choose the color that your favorite shade is closest to.

Quick test “What is your favorite color”: results


If you are a fan of this color, then it is very it’s important to control everythingwhat’s happening around. This is why only leadership positions are suitable for you. After all, you are not ready to obey someone. You are characterized by determination, courage and perseverance. Because of these qualities, you quickly climb the career ladder.

At work, you always manage to complete the tasks assigned to you on time. You take responsibility for many processes in various projects and manage all subordinates, not forgetting to monitor the work of everyone. As for your personal life, you are the leading partner there too. Your loved one always feels the tremendous support and care coming from you.


What color do you like best? This speaks of you as a peace-loving, calm and sympathetic person who tries avoid conflict situations. You forget grievances quite quickly and forgive others.

At work, your opinion is always listened to. After all, you are a very organized and creative person who can find an original solution to any situation (even the most difficult one). It is also common for you to avoid disagreements with colleagues. In a romantic relationship, you are the ideal partner who is always ready to listen to your loved one. You like to give gifts to your significant other and surround her with care. The only thing that can piss you off is excessive jealousy and control on the part of your partner.

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Lovers of this color have a very capricious character. You are not used to blending in with the gray mass. You always want to be the center of attention so that the spotlights shine directly on you. Besides, you – quite an open personwho cannot keep all experiences inside.

At work, you are valued because of your intellectual abilities. It would be a pity for any boss to lose such an excellent specialist like you. It is important for you to receive praise for the work done in the form of a bonus or salary increase. Not having this kind of gesture to show that you are doing a good job makes you feel bad. In your personal life, as in your work, you continue to be guided by reason. Emotions do not get the better of you in making one decision or another.


Do you adore the color yellow? This indicates that you are full of cheerfulness. You – faulty optimistwho loves to meet new people. Being alone is a real torment for you. After all, your soul craves communication and vivid impressions.

At work, it is important for you to perform fairly creative tasks. After all, the monotony of tasks is something that can instantly discourage you from completing them. In a love relationship, you never limit your partner’s freedom. Therefore, it is very important for you that your significant other does not introduce prohibitions. It is worth noting that you always try to please your partner with a small gift or a spontaneous trip (even to a neighboring city). You are great at giving unforgettable emotions.

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If black is your favorite color, then you are endowed with determination and self-confidence. Also to you gambling is inherent. Because of this personality trait, you sometimes put your financial health at great risk. It should be noted that you do not like to open up to other people. That’s why only a few know what’s going on inside you.

Methodicality and straightforwardness are traits that help you achieve better positions at work every time. You never ask your colleagues for help, because you rely only on yourself. You are also not afraid to show your dissatisfaction to your superiors. In a romantic relationship, you are very slow to open your soul to another. It may take quite some time before your partner gets to know you well. After all, earning your trust is not easy.


Your favorite color is an indicator that you are… dreamer in life. Because of your subtle nature, it is very difficult for you to cope with rejection and criticism. You quickly find a common language with children and get along well with animals.

You have a talent that is highly valued at work – the ability to motivate and encourage absolutely the entire team. By the way, you always notice even minor details. Your pickiness helps improve the productivity of your subordinates. You should feel harmony in a relationship. Only then will you not be embarrassed to reveal the real you to your partner. Understanding, trust and security are the three pillars on which to build your ideal relationship.

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How accurate your favorite color could I describe you as a person? Tell us in the comments. If the accuracy of this psychological test impressed you as much as it did our editors, share it with your family.

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