Riddles for logic and ingenuity (with a quick answer)

Riddles for logic and ingenuity (with a quick answer)

Why solve riddles for logic and solve problems? First, it’s very interesting. Secondly, such an activity trains our mind – it develops observation, quick wits and speed of thinking. Thirdly, after solving at least a few problems, your mood will certainly improve. So why hold yourself back?

Interesting, funny, with some trick riddles for logiccollected in this article are just right for such a quality pastime. Guess them yourself or ask the children – all this will do you good. Edition “With Taste” offers to switch a little, postpone all your affairs for 5 minutes and solve all the riddles from the following list.

13 riddles for logic and ingenuity

Frankly, some logic puzzles can drive you into bewilderment. It is not surprising, because questions on logic and ingenuity are always tricky: it can be difficult to get your bearings right off the bat. In extreme cases, the correct answers at the end of the material will come to your aid. Well, are you ready? Go!

Logic Riddle #1

Logic Riddle #2

Logic Riddle #3

Logic riddle number 4

Logic riddle number 5

Logic riddle number 6

Logic riddle number 7

Logic riddle number 8

Logic riddle number 9

Logic Riddle #10

Logic Riddle #11

Logic Riddle #12

Logic Riddle #13

Right answers

Did you manage to guess? If not, don’t worry! Next time will be better. In the meantime, catch the right answers:

  1. Dream
  2. Age
  3. Time
  4. Silence
  5. Breath
  6. When you look into the water
  7. Silence
  8. Escalator
  9. Path
  10. Fire
  11. Road
  12. Secret
  13. Number 6

Logic puzzles are great. brain training. Solve them regularly, and you will greatly increase your observation, attentiveness, look at things from a different angle. If you notice that you haven’t strained your convolutions for a long time, welcome to the next collection of interesting logic puzzles.

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