Rowan on cognac at home

Rowan on cognac at home

Preparation description:

Such a tincture can be started as soon as the berries are ripe or even in winter from frozen berries. If you can’t have honey, replace it with sugar, but after melting it in a pan and bringing it to a caramel color. When adding cognac to a jar of mountain ash, the berries should be 3 centimeters lower than the drink. If necessary, increase the amount of cognac.

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for cooking Rowan on Cognac at home.

Remove the rowan berries from the branches and remove the spoiled ones. Rinse the berries and dry completely. Remember the mountain ash with a crush so that it starts up the juice.

Put the rowan in a clean and dry jar, add honey.

Pour cognac into a jar of rowan.

Close the jar tightly and shake. Put the jar in a dark place for three weeks, shake the jar every 7 days.

Strain the rowan on cognac and bottle it. Close the rowan on cognac tightly and refrigerate.

Happy use!

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