Salmon soup on fire

Salmon soup on fire

Description of preparation:

If you’re hiking and it’s cold enough, I recommend adding a little grain to fill you up. Usually millet or rice is added. I have a cauldron with a volume of 12 liters, if you have few eaters, then reduce the ingredients proportionally. Ukha cooked in the fresh air turns out incredibly tasty and aromatic! This wonderful dish will also delight you with its ease of preparation. Be sure to try it!

Prepare all ingredients according to the list.

Place heads, fins, tails, ridges in a cauldron and put on fire. Be sure to remove the gills from the heads, otherwise your ears will taste bitter. Add to the fish soup set one onion in the husk, after washing it thoroughly, one carrot, cut into pieces, peppercorns, bay leaf and a bunch of fresh herbs (I used parsley).

Pour in the required amount of water and after it boils, cook for about 30 minutes, periodically removing the foam. We need to boil all the delicious stuff out of our heads.

Meanwhile, chop the potatoes. Quite large, about 4 parts.

Chop the carrots and onions as desired, but not too finely.

If you add cereal, rinse it thoroughly. I have rice, but you can add millet.

Use a ladle to take out everything you can catch in the cauldron. You can leave the heads if there are people who like to dig deeper into them.

Add vegetables and grains to the broth, adjust for salt and cook for about 20 minutes. Then add the fish fillet, first separating the meat from the bones and cook for another couple of minutes. OK it’s all over Now! The salmon soup on the fire is ready. Let it brew a little and serve, generously sprinkled with fresh herbs.

Bon appetit!

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