Salted trout in oil

Salted trout in oil

Description of preparation:

Cooking salted trout in oil at home is not at all difficult. This classic and delicious dish requires little cooking skill or time to achieve the perfect combination of texture and flavor. If you wish, you can use various herbs and spices to add additional flavor to the fish. Lemon juice, allspice, as well as herbs such as dill, parsley or rosemary can also be used as seasoning. Trout is served as a cold appetizer or as a side dish for other dishes. Lightly salted red fish goes well with fresh bread, potatoes or lettuce. Trout has a rich flavor and delicate texture – an ideal choice for seafood lovers!

Prepare trout, salt, sugar and butter.

Cut the trout into steaks, 1.5-2 cm thick. It is more convenient to cut the fish while it is slightly frozen.

Then remove the skin and separate the fillet from the bones.

Mix salt and sugar. Place trout pieces in layers, brushing with butter and sprinkling with salt and sugar.

Leave for 1 hour at room temperature, then cover with a lid or cover with cling film and put in the refrigerator.

After 12 hours, the salted trout in oil is ready. Bon appetit!

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