“Soup of wisdom”: how to cook and who needs it

“Soup of wisdom”: how to cook and who needs it

The great ancient Roman philosopher, poet and statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca argued: “Excess food interferes with the subtlety of the mind.” And it’s hard to disagree with this. In the modern world, we are accustomed to universal availability, especially in the choice of food. This phenomenon fulfilled one of the basic needs, but led to a number of negative consequences such as overeating and poisoning. In such cases Editorial “With Taste” recommends cooking “wisdom soup”

This simple dish will instantly destroy putrefactive bacteria in the intestines, normalize liver function and remove toxins from our body. As for the cooking recipe, everything here is accessible, simple and budget-friendly. How to prepare that very “wisdom soup” and to whom it is recommended first, read the article below.

“Wisdom Soup”: detailed recipe and recommendations

“Wisdom soup” is a fairly mild and effective means of cleansing the human body. First of all, this concerns our intestines, both small and large. We recommend preparing it when you accidentally eat something inappropriate and expired.

This elementary dish especially needs to be prepared for those who have irritable bowels on a regular basis. Since the use of magnesium sulfate (magnesia) causes intestinal spasm instead natural enhancement of peristalsis. So, take 2 large carrots, half a beet, 1 large tomato (preferably unripe) and 2 cloves of garlic. Wash, peel and cut into large pieces. Next, place the vegetables in a blender and add half a glass of warm water. Then beat the mixture into a homogeneous mass, heat in a water bath and eat. You can add your favorite herbs if you wish.

Preparation is not difficult, and the mixture tastes like regular borscht. It is noteworthy that if you add a couple of tablespoons of flaxseed or sesame oil to the finished soup, it will turn from an intestinal cleanser into a nutritious and tasty meal. Also, in order to quickly remove toxic bile, it is good to use this method after an enema. But if you eat soup first and then do an enema, then nothing special will happen. The abundance of bile will simply digest what you eat.

Worth warning: It’s not so much food as it is a ticking time bomb. After about 30–40 minutes, your intestines will begin to gurgle and rotate quite actively. All this will end with a powerful bowel movement – about 1 hour after eating. At this moment, it is important to be at home, and not somewhere at a meeting or in a traffic jam. Otherwise, trouble may happen to you.

The components of this dish contain quite a lot of substances that stop inflammatory processes in the intestines, gently dilating the blood vessels. In fact, eating such soup is an extremely effective method of healing, during which several processes occur at once. See how your mood improves, fussiness goes away and long-awaited calm comes. All constant companions of intoxication. Previously, we wrote how to make a fat-burning drink from 2 ingredients.

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