Soy salad with tomatoes

Soy salad with tomatoes

Description of preparation:

Below I will tell you in more detail how to prepare soy salad with tomatoes. The salad mix can be replaced with fresh spinach or kale. Choose classic tofu, firm, without additives. You can choose spices to suit your taste, for example, add curry powder or suneli hops. Especially soy salad with tomatoes should appeal to those who do not consume animal products.

Prepare all ingredients.

Pat the tofu dry with paper towels and cut into medium-sized cubes. Pour in vegetable oil, add salt and spices, mix everything. Place in a baking dish in a single layer. Bake for 20-25 minutes in an oven preheated to 200 degrees.

Wash and dry the greens, place in a bowl.

Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and cut the red onion into half rings.

Add the tofu, tomatoes and red onion to the bowl with the greens.

For dressing, mix lemon juice and olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste.

Season the salad and mix everything.

Soy salad with tomatoes is ready, bon appetit!

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