Spathiphyllum leaves turn yellow: what to do

Spathiphyllum leaves turn yellow: what to do

Spathiphyllum, which is popularly called “women’s happiness,” is a fairly unpretentious plant to care for. For this reason, it can be seen on many window sills. Of course, the impeccable white flowers of spathiphyllum, striking with their beauty, also play an important role here. But often their luxurious appearance is overshadowed yellowed leaves with black tips. If you see such a picture, then you need to sound the alarm. Why do spathiphyllum leaves turn yellow and what to do about it?

There is no point in saying goodbye to your houseplant prematurely. It is necessary to fight for “women’s happiness” and its decorative look. Take the necessary steps towards healthy, bright green spathiphyllum leaves.

Why spathiphyllum leaves turn yellow: what to do

Reason #1

The leaves of “female happiness” can change their color due to improper care. In this case, it is worth reviewing its watering regime. It is also necessary to trim off yellowed leaves at their base. Flower growers advise covering the cut area with activated carbon, having first crushed it.

Reason #2

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The appearance of yellowness on the leaves of spathiphyllum may indicate that the plant, after a long and lush flowering, has lost its strength and energy. To see if this is the cause, look at the lower foliage of the plant. It is she who will be the first to begin to turn yellow due to lack of nutrients. Add magnesium sulfate – a supplement that will replenish the energy level of “female happiness”.

Reason #3

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Do the lower leaves dry out, and do yellow and brown spots spread to neighboring leaves? This is a sign that the plant affected by fungus. To prevent the death of spathiphyllum, cut off all affected leaves and treat using a fungicide. This way the fungus will not be able to infect the roots of the plant.

Reason #4

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Did the spathiphyllum foliage begin to turn yellow with the arrival of cold weather and the heating system being turned on? There is nothing surprising here, since this is a tropical plant. So as not to destroy him too dry air, remove the spathiphyllum from the battery. You can also place a small container filled with water next to it. But the best way out of this situation is to buy an air humidifier and regularly spray “female happiness” from a spray bottle.

If you notice in time that the foliage of the spathiphyllum has begun to change its color, becoming yellow, you will be able to quickly and inexpensively save the plant. Previously, we shared instructions for preparing an effective fertilizer from flax seeds for lush flowering of indoor plants.

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