Stuffed eggs “New Year’s dragons”

Stuffed eggs “New Year’s dragons”

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You can prepare stuffed eggs “New Year’s dragons” as a symbol of the coming year according to the Eastern calendar. This is a great opportunity to show all your creativity and imagination in decorating the New Year’s table. The appetizer will undoubtedly create a festive atmosphere, and its appearance will attract the attention of all those present. You can serve stuffed eggs on their own or use them to decorate meat, fish or vegetable salad.

Prepare all ingredients. Boil the eggs and let them cool slightly.

Peel each egg and cut it crosswise into two unequal parts (one part should be slightly larger than the other). Remove the yolk from the two halves. Set aside the large halves; we will stuff them.

Grind the yolks into crumbs.

Add finely grated cheese and the remaining small pieces of proteins. Unwrap one crab stick and cut off the red strip from it (put this strip aside, we will need it to form the dragon tongues). Grate the remaining sticks on a fine grater as well.

Add chopped dill, crushed garlic, salt and pepper to taste.

Add mayonnaise to the filling and mix.

Fill the previously set aside egg white halves with the resulting mixture.

From the same mass form the heads of dragons.

Using a sharp knife, cut the wings out of the cucumbers.

Cut out the tongue from the cut off red part of the crab stick. Make eyes and nostrils from olives. You can also cut out dragon ears, thorns and whiskers from a cucumber. Place a head on each stuffed egg half and dragon wings underneath. If desired, armed with a toothpick, you can create a relief on the surface of the figure.

Stuffed eggs “New Year’s dragons” are ready. I got three pieces, but you can make more and place them on small plates, placing them along the entire festive table. Such an original snack will certainly attract the attention of both children and adults. Bon appetit!

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