The benefits of iodine for joints: ways to use it

The benefits of iodine for joints: ways to use it

Iodine is an antiseptic wide range, which has bactericidal properties and helps in wound healing. But this is not the entire effect it has. Scientists have proven that the benefits of iodine for joints are simply maximum.

Due to the fact that this biologically active substance has anti-inflammatory functions, it helps relieve pain symptoms. Iodine penetrates cartilage tissue and helps reduce joint deformities. How to use this pharmaceutical product to achieve the best results?

The benefits of iodine for joints: how to use it

Method No. 1

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From iodine you can prepare an affordable remedy that will help relieve inflammation in the knees, back and joints. We take the 4th tooth. garlic We chop them finely. Place the garlic in a dark glass container. Fill it with 30 ml of iodine. Screw on the container and shake it well. Let the mixture sit within 7 days in a place where direct sunlight does not penetrate.

Then apply the finished product no more than 3 times a week on inflamed areas. Before using it, the skin should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry. You shouldn’t apply this composition too liberally (a thin layer is enough). Otherwise, serious skin irritation may occur.

Method number 2

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To get rid of joint pain, you should regularly do rubbing alcohol with analgin and iodine. It has an excellent effect. Take 300 ml of alcohol. Pour 10 ml of iodine and the same amount of camphor alcohol into it. Add 10 analgin tablets. Close the container and shake it thoroughly. Infuse the mixture in a warm and dark place for 3 weeks.

We rub the joints with the prepared solution every other day to obtain cumulative effect. Soon after using it on a regular basis, the pain will gradually disappear.

Method number 3

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The advantage of this remedy is that it does not need to be infused for a couple of weeks, since it only takes a few hours. Take iodine, flower honey, alcohol and glycerin in equal proportions. Mix all ingredients thoroughly in a small container. Leave the mixture in a dark place for 3 hours to infuse.

Then soak a cotton pad in the prepared product. We go over it in the area of ​​​​the sore joints, moving from bottom to top. We also treat a little skin above and below the inflamed areas with this mixture. We apply this product 2 times per week (not more often).

Before you start using medicinal mixtures based on iodine, you should do a quick allergy test. To do this, apply a small amount of the product to the inner bend of the elbow and wait 15 minutes. Are there any reddened areas? In this case, you can use a product with iodine. However, do not forget that this substance also has other contraindications for use (for example, increased body temperature, pregnancy, lactation, and others). Therefore, before using iodine to treat sore joints, you should consult your doctor.

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