The figure of Margot Robbie: 5 nutritional rules of the Australian movie star

The figure of Margot Robbie: 5 nutritional rules of the Australian movie star

Today, Margot Robbie, shining on all the big screens as the iconic Barbie doll, impresses not only with her talent, but also with her impeccable physical form. On July 2, 2023, the Australian actress celebrated her 33rd birthday. A little earlier, she shared the secrets of her diet, which help her stay slim, active and healthy.

Many athletes and nutritionists have been looking for an effective method for losing weight for many years, but Margot Robbie’s personal trainer, David Higgins, has developed his own. The man also worked for a long time with Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Colin Firth. Below, the editors of “With Taste” will tell you how, despite the busy filming schedule, margot robbie figure remains just as irresistible.

Figure Margot Robbie: 5 rules of nutrition

Slim waist, snow-white smile and huge talent. Margot Robbie has become Hollywood’s new sex symbol in a fairly short amount of time. A photo of a famous blonde is brought to an appointment with a plastic surgeon with a request to do the same. In one interview, the celebrity spoke about the basic rules of nutrition, which she has been following for more than one year.

Skip breakfast

We all believe that breakfast is the main meal that gives us energy for the whole day. How strongly a person will want to eat something “forbidden” depends on the first meal. However, David Higgins, Margot Robbie’s personal trainer, has the opposite opinion – according to him, refusing a hearty breakfast will benefit not only the figure, but also digestion in general. The man is sure that the secret to losing weight is simple: if postpone the first meal to a later time, then the body will spend the energy that is “in stock”. Thus, the metabolism accelerates quite quickly.

Squirrels for lunch

A typical day for Margo starts closer to 11-12 noon. At this time, the actress drinks an invigorating vegetable or fruit smoothie (for immunity), and for lunch she prefers mostly protein foods – salad with boiled chicken or baked breast in lemon juice. All this is diluted with a simple salad of cucumbers and tomatoes with the addition of seeds and olive oil.

Nutritious dinner

Margot Robbie considers dinner to be the main meal for herself. The star never misses him, because it is he who allows the girl to replenish lost energy reserves. Favorite movie menu dinner is tuna steak and baked baby potatoes. Sometimes Robbie can drink a glass of dry white wine or a rose, especially if there is fish or seafood on the menu.

Foods to Avoid

The Australian-born actress has repeatedly confessed her love for fast food, especially juicy burgers. However, Margo does not deny herself anything, because after what she has eaten, she simply works out more actively in the gym. Once a talented beauty admitted: “I love beer and french fries, however, if I abuse it, my figure will look much worse. After eating harmful things, I arrange fasting days for myself. As a snack, the star prefers light salads and carrot sticks. Keeping balance in everything is the life credo of the Hollywood film star.

Fasting and low carbs

In terms of unloading days, the actress’s coach David Higgins fully supports his ward. He himself adheres to a method called fasting, which has become popular in recent years. The specialist believes that intermittent fasting is a good way to improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines. Try not to eat at least 14-16 hours a day. “Alternatively, have dinner at 8 pm, skip breakfast, and first contact with food at lunchtime. So you will not overeat and allow your body to digest food slowly, but more efficiently, ”says Higgins. Regarding her work in the Barbie movie, Margot admitted that during filming she was on a special diet in order to gain a more doll-like appearance. She limited her carbohydrate intake and cut out sweets entirely. The girl also began to pay more attention to sports and yoga.

The “newly made Barbie” herself admits that any restrictions are not easy for her. The actress resorts to them solely for the sake of participating in films and during the season of film festivals in order to look flawless in the lenses of photographers. In normal times, she travels a lot and eats a wide variety of food at any time of the day or night. At the same time, the star adheres to small portions. And here how the unsurpassed Sophie Marceau loses weightcan be read here.

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