Toxic people around you: how to recognize them

Toxic people around you: how to recognize them

When in our close circle there is toxic people, we often experience stress, feel a loss of self-confidence and feel negative. To prevent such persons from influencing your mood and self-esteem, you need to be able to recognize them and then avoid them.

By eliminating such people from your life, you will very soon notice pleasant changes. Yours mental health will thank you for avoiding “toxics.” You don’t even have to doubt it.

Toxic People: 6 Main Types

Envious people

Such persons are unable to focus on their own lives. It is important for them to know what is happening to others (and preferably, it should be something bad). Envious people cannot be happy for someone else’s success, even for the success of a loved one. They are unable to tolerate others doing better than them. Don’t let people like this devalue your achievements and spit envious poison at you.


Those who try to control other people’s lives and adjust everyone to themselves cannot be true friends. Manipulators get close to others only to gain benefits. They control people like puppeteers who pull strings. Clear your environment of manipulators so that they do not have the opportunity to control you in everything.

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People who think only about themselves and their feelings should not be in your inner circle. For self-centered people, only their loved ones will always come first. Your interests, desires and experiences are a completely empty phrase for them. Don’t let egoists get close to you, because they won’t value you.

Lumps of negativity

Eternally pessimistic and grumpy people are real demotivators who develop self-doubt and self-doubt in others. Their glass is always half empty. Such people very quickly infect others with their negativity. That is why it is necessary to run as far away from them as possible.

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Those who are accustomed to offend or insult you (even in a humorous manner) should be excluded from your close circle. Such critics, who constantly find some kind of flaws in others, make others feel depressed. If someone you know regularly feeds you insults, sprinkled with humor, you should avoid him.


People who smile in your eyes and throw mud at you behind your back need to be kept away from you. You shouldn’t let such hypocrites get close to you. After all, nothing but gossip and condemnation should be expected from them.

After identifying a toxic person, try withdraw emotionally From him. Distance and boundaries are something you should establish right away. By avoiding such a person, you will be doing yourself a big favor.

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