Tricky logic task

Tricky logic task

Do you have a free minute that you want to spend usefully? We have prepared an interesting brain workout. This tricky logic puzzle will give you a boost. Can you solve it in 10 seconds without looking at the answers?

You will need all your attentiveness and the ability to abstract from all distractions that may interfere with you. After all, this is not an easy task of intelligence. It has a star. Only 46% of respondents were able to give the correct answer. The rest were unable to solve this problem. within the allotted time. Try your hand too. We wish you success!

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Excellent task for logic and attentiveness

Try to concentrate

The picture below shows two women. They carry buckets of water on their shoulders. Pay attention to the women and the rocker. And then tell me which one will bring more water home.

The correct answer is right in front of you. The main thing is to find a small detail that will indicate the woman who will be able to carry more water than the other. We warn you that it is not so easy to notice it in the first seconds. Will you succeed? Let us repeat that the solution to the problem is given 10 Seconds. Go!

And here is the solution

Have you carefully examined the buckets shown in the picture? If the answer is yes, then most likely you were able to correctly answer who will bring the most water. The woman walking behind has smaller buckets. But they weren’t the ones to pay attention to. The wooden bucket of the woman who walks ahead leaks. Water gradually pours out of it. This should have given you the correct answer. After all, a bucket that is leaking indicates that the woman carrying it will bring much less water.

Did you fail to meet the deadline in 10 seconds because you had to spend more time searching for the answer? We advise you to continue to develop attentiveness and logical thinking. The fascinating puzzle “Find the Error” will help you with this. Look at the picture, study its details, and complete the task. Find the inconsistency in this picture without spending more than a minute. And then tell us in the comments if you had any difficulties solving these puzzles.

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