Vegetable salad “Dragon’s Breath”

Vegetable salad “Dragon’s Breath”

Description of preparation:

Choose potatoes with the least starch content so that they do not overcook and retain their shape. Red potatoes are best. Adjust the amount of hot pepper to your taste. Instead of seasoning for Korean carrots, you can use ground coriander and ground black pepper.

Prepare all ingredients.

Peel the potatoes and grate them using a Korean carrot grater. Rinse the grated potatoes thoroughly until the water runs clear. Then cook in boiling water for 4 minutes. Place in a sieve and allow excess liquid to drain.

Transfer potatoes to a bowl. Add salt, sugar, hot ground pepper, Korean carrot seasoning and grated garlic. Heat the vegetable oil and pour it over the potatoes, add apple cider vinegar and mix everything. Place the potatoes in the refrigerator to steep for 2 hours.

Peel the carrots too and grate them on a Korean carrot grater. Add salt, sugar, hot ground pepper, Korean carrot seasoning and grated garlic. Heat the second part of the vegetable oil and pour it over the carrots while the oil is still smoking. Season with apple cider vinegar, mix everything and put in the refrigerator for 2 hours.

Wash and dry the champignons. Cut the mushrooms and onions into small cubes. Fry with vegetable oil until golden brown, at the end add salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the cucumbers into strips, add a couple of pinches of salt and sugar, stir. Leave for 10 minutes. Then squeeze out the liquid that has separated.

Cut the bell pepper into thin strips.

Now assemble the salad. Place the first layer of fried champignons with onions. Give the salad the shape of a flame.

Grease with a thin layer of mayonnaise.

Then add a layer of cucumber. Coat it with mayonnaise too.

Make the next layer of Korean potatoes. Lay it out in thin strips in one direction.

Then a layer of carrots. It should overlap the other layers. Make flames from individual carrot strips.

Finally, add a couple of potato strips and red bell peppers to create a more flame-like appearance.

Vegetable salad “Dragon’s Breath” is ready, bon appetit! Happy New Year!

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