Warming winter tea

Warming winter tea

Description of preparation:

Below I will tell you in more detail how to make warming winter tea. You can also add cardamom as a spice. Instead of orange, this tea can be brewed with cranberries, lingonberries or sea buckthorn.

Prepare all ingredients.

Wash the orange thoroughly and cut it into slices along with the peel.

Peel the ginger and grate it on a fine grater.

Crush the cloves, allspice and cardamom with a mortar or knife.

Place ginger, chopped spices, cinnamon stick and orange into a teapot.

Add black loose leaf tea. Pour in boiling water.

Close the kettle and let it brew for 30-40 minutes. To keep the tea warm, wrap it in a towel.

Before serving, you can add any sweetener to your tea to taste. Warming winter tea is ready!

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