What bread to buy: basic recommendations

What bread to buy: basic recommendations

Our stores and bakeries offer a huge selection of bread (for every taste, color and shape). Despite this, choose really quality product not at all easy. Don’t know what kind of bread to buy, so you often stand confused near the counter with it? In this case, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with three things. They will save you from a bad loaf purchase.

A salesman at one of the local bakeries told us what you need to pay attention to when choosing bread. Taking into account all these nuances, you you can’t go wrong with a loaf. Therefore, your supermarket basket will always contain only high-quality and fresh products.

What bread to buy: three key points


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When choosing bread at the store, be sure to look for dents on it. If you buy a half loaf, check for any lumps or voids in the crumb. Also make sure the bread is well baked. In cross-section, such a product should be uniformly porous. Pay attention to the color of the loaf. High-quality bread should not be whitened. Since this may indicate that flavor enhancers were used during its preparation.


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If the bread label does not indicate the date of manufacture or the ingredients included in it, it is better not to buy it. Before purchasing, carefully study the composition of the product and make sure that it manufactured according to GOST. If you choose a loaf from a bakery, do not hesitate to ask the seller for a delivery note, which contains all the necessary information about the product (including a list of all its components).


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Pay attention to the aroma of the bread. If the product is in a paper bag that is not closed, it is quite easy to smell it. This must be done to ensure that there is no mold. You can easily smell her scent when squeezing bread. If old or expired products were used during baking, you will also be able to smell this.

Inspect the bread before purchasing and smell it, check the composition of the product, and only then go to the checkout with it. As you can see, to determine whether the product in front of you is of high quality, you need to spend no more than two minutes. Tell us in the comments which bread you prefer: store-bought or homemade?

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