What flowers to plant in autumn: top 7

What flowers to plant in autumn: top 7

Beginning gardeners are afraid to plant plants in the fall, since, unlike spring, it is not associated with active growth. In reality, there are a huge number of advantages of planting during this golden time: optimal temperature, warm soil and a natural increase in humidity. As you can see, this ideal conditionsto start growing plants. We tell you what flowers to plant in the fall to get an incredibly beautiful spring area.

We share with you a list that consists of 7 plants. Once you try to plant one of them, you will understand why golden autumn serves as inspiration not only for poets, but also for flower growers.

What flowers to plant in autumn: 7 ideal options


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In September it is worth planting this bright yellow flower. It grows well in a sunny location. To plant it, we make holes whose depth is 3 times greater than the height of the bulbs. We place them at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Pour river or alluvial sand into each hole. Then place the onion with the roots down and press it in slightly. Sprinkle everything with earth.


In October you can start planting hyacinth. First, we clean the bulbs of this incredibly beautiful flower from the dry shell. We dig holes, keeping a distance of 20 cm between them. We fill in a small layer of river sand (no higher than 1 cm). Then we place the bulb on the drainage and cover it with soil (in the same way as the daffodil).


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At the end of September – mid-October it is worth starting to plant tulips. It is better to grow them in a slightly dark place. We place the tulips in trenches, several bulbs at a distance of 5–10 cm from each other. Gently press them into the ground. Sprinkle with soil and then compact it with your palm.


At the end of October – beginning of November, lovers of delicate cornflowers can already actively plant them. We choose a sunny place and distribute the seeds of this beautiful flower over the soil. We fill them with soil, the layer of which should be no more than 1.5 cm. We compact it with the palm of our hand.


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At the end of October – mid-November, you need to choose a windless place that is well lit for planting delphinium. Please note that this flower, distinguished by its incredibly beautiful blue color, can grow up to 3 m. Therefore, it must be planted in a place where it will not interfere with other plants receiving sunlight. We make small depressions in the soil (no more than 1 cm). We distribute the seeds in them. We fill it with soil and compact it lightly. Then we cover the sowing area with spruce branches (coniferous tree branches).


In November, when the soil begins to freeze, you can plant aster. We make depressions in the soil up to 2 cm, maintaining a distance between the rows (at least 10 cm). We lay out the seeds and then sprinkle them with soil.


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With the arrival of small November frosts, flower growers begin to plant gypsophila. Mix the small seeds of this delicate plant with river sand, maintaining a 2:1 ratio. Level the soil. Then scatter the seeds over the surface of the flowerbed. We compact the crops a little with our hands and sprinkle them with a small amount of sand (the layer should not be thicker than 0.5 cm). We insulate the flowerbed with dry leaves. Its layer must be at least 20 cm, otherwise the seeds will freeze.

We need to take advantage of the ideal conditions for planting these flowers that autumn gives us. The main thing is to choose quality seeds and bulbs. And favorable autumn conditions for growing beautiful flowers will do the rest.

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