What is the healthiest meat: safe list

What is the healthiest meat: safe list

Meat is the main source of protein, zinc, iron and B vitamins. However, if this product is abused, the risk of disrupting the cardiovascular system and the thyroid gland increases significantly. Fans of meat are more likely than others to suffer from diabetes and other dangerous ailments.

Edition “With Taste” recommends that your daily diet be balanced, and then animal products will only benefit the body. What is the healthiest and safest meat? What is better for women and what for men. Read about this and more in the article below.

Why is it bad to eat a lot of meat

Doctors say: not all meat is healthy. This applies not only to its varieties, but also to how the product was prepared. Pickled pieces of meat with streaks of fat, fried on coals, are not the most healthy dish for the body. And all because of the harmful dangerous carcinogens formed in the fried crust. In general, fried meat is quite harmful, since in the process of such processing all useful substances are lost. Tasty? Definitely yes! Safely? Unfortunately no!

Nutritionists do not discuss meat products, canned meat and sausages at all. During the preparation of these products, manufacturers use preservatives, dyes, flavors, as well as a huge amount of salt, spices and flavor enhancers. There is no need to talk about the benefits here. This is an option to quickly satisfy your hunger.

In general, an excess of meat in the daily diet can contribute to the development of dysbacteriosis and vascular damage. This soon leads to all sorts of heart diseases. For example, daily consumption of red meat (especially pork) provokes atherosclerosis due to excess saturated fat, which raises cholesterol levels.

The most harmful and healthy meat: what is important to know about the benefits of products

The choice of meat depends on the preferences of each of us. Some are crazy about fatty pork. And someone cannot imagine a day without a lean chicken breast. We have prepared for you some generally accepted definitions of what kind of meat is considered the most useful. Having learned this, you will not only eat well, but also keep yourself and your household healthy.

Nutritionists say that beef is considered the most “male” meat. Ideally – young veal. This meat is low in calories and high in nutrients. But even such healthy meals should be no more than 3 per week.

But the most useful meat for the female body is rabbit meat. It is rich in protein, which is surprisingly quickly absorbed. Studies have shown that rabbit meat protein dissolves almost completely – at a record 90%. Also, rabbit meat is low in calories and high in B vitamins. Nutritionists note that rabbit meat does not cause excess weight, which is especially important for those who take care of their appearance.

And here pork – the product is high in calories. It has a lot of fat, so it is definitely not suitable for daily use. The abundance of lipids and cholesterol is far from what our body needs. However, a little lean pork never hurt anyone. Sometimes you can afford to be fat, but it’s definitely not worth it.

Mutton – traditional meat of Asia and the East. Due to its low cholesterol content, it is very beneficial for our cardiovascular system. In addition, lamb is usually grazed on clean pastures, therefore, ecologically, their meat is considered the cleanest.

Chicken! This is a champion among budget meats, and not only: chicken is rich in protein, while it is low in calories. Such meat is often chosen by athletes and bodybuilders in order to say goodbye to fat and build muscle faster.

Incredibly, the cleanest and safest meat is horsemeat. There is a simple and understandable explanation for this: horses are simply not stuffed with antibiotics and other harmful drugs. These animals almost always live in ecologically clean conditions. According to the amino acid composition, the protein in horsemeat is perfectly balanced.

What is the safest meat for children

But when planning a children’s menu, stop your choice on the following positions:

  • turkey
  • rabbit meat
  • chicken meat

Such meat does not contain harmful cholesterol in its composition and is famous for its beneficial properties.

If you have the opportunity, buy only fresh meat (preferably farmed). It is best to boil or stew it with harmonious cereals and vegetables. Steamed meat dishes are very useful. Think about it! And here how to salvage old meatcan be read here.

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