What not to do in the evening: says Elena Kurilova

What not to do in the evening: says Elena Kurilova

Of all the participants in the Ukrainian “Battle of Psychics,” my mother and I fell in love with Elena Kurilova the most. From the first words, this charismatic woman captures the attention of those around her, forcing people to listen and listen. She gives practical advice, explains events, and interprets popular beliefs. It was from her that I learned what not to do in the evening and why.

It is not surprising that Kurilova managed to build such a successful career as a psychic. Immediately after the show ended, the woman began to be invited to television. But her activities did not end with performances on the silver screen. Elena conducts private consultations and casts amulets. On her website, she shares wisdom with everyone who feels the need.

What not to do in the evening to avoid getting into trouble

Our ancestors considered the dark time of day to be something mystical and mysterious. After sunset, people abandoned all their affairs, otherwise they could bring disaster to themselves and their loved ones. In those days, there was a whole list of things that should not be done at night. Psychics claim that some of this list is still followed to this day.

You can’t take out the trash at night

Let’s start with the simplest and most common. Our ancestors did not take out the trash after sunset because they believed that evil spirits woke up at night. She can take away money luck. Such a reckless act as taking out the garbage late in the evening can negatively affect the financial well-being of the entire family.

You can’t clean after sunset

The situation with cleaning is similar. If you start cleaning at night, you can bring bad luck and financial losses into your home. Our ancestors believed that if you wash the floor in the evening, you can wash luck, love and prosperity out of the house. I recommended cleaning early in the morning, with the first rays of the sun.

You can’t borrow money late at night

A popular money legend says that transferring money to anyone in the evening promises big financial losses. By borrowing money when the sun has already set, you risk losing your money luck. It’s also not worth borrowing in the evening. This could leave you in debt for a long time.

Do not leave dirty dishes overnight

Unwashed dishes left overnight, according to folk superstitions and beliefs, promise monetary damage to the owners of the house. Leaving dirty plates is equal to disrespect for the brownie. He may be offended and get you into trouble. Well, you must agree, not scraping yesterday’s buckwheat from surfaces is also a good reason to wash the dishes immediately after dinner.

You can’t look in the mirror at night

A mirror appears very often in folk superstitions. Since ancient times, our ancestors endowed it with magical powers. It is believed that at night the mirror becomes a door to the afterlife. If you look into it at this time, you can lure guests from the other world. A terrible belief, don’t you agree?

Don’t leave a knife on the table overnight

Leaving a knife on the table overnight is a sign of illness and other troubles. It was believed that the same evil spirit could use the edge of the knife.

Do not cut or trim your hair

This ban applied to both men and women. Ancestors believed that if a man shaved after sunset, he would face problems in his personal life. For the same reason, women and girls were not allowed to cut their hair and nails at night.

Did you know what not to do in the evening according to folk superstitions? Personally, I had only heard about the superstition about garbage. I never allowed my husband to take it out at night without looking. Perhaps in the region where you live they believe in some other signs? Share in the comments!

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