What to do after an unpleasant conversation

What to do after an unpleasant conversation

Quarrels, scandals, unpleasant conversation or a curse thrown at the back – at such moments a person receives a simply unimaginable amount of negative energy. Have you noticed how after “heavy” words our mood deteriorates for several hours, or even days? And in the future this will certainly lead to loss of strengthboth moral and physical.

But, thanks to ancient knowledge, as well as the successes of psychology, you and I can protect ourselves from the unkind influence of others. In this article Editorial “With Taste” will analyze the main types of people, spending time with whom you may feel an unfavorable influence on your thoughts, mood and even health. You will also learn what to do to maintain a positive attitude in such cases.

5 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid

Sometimes communicating with this or that person literally takes all your strength. The most unpleasant thing about this is that we cannot always understand what the reason is. At first glance, everything is fine, and the relationship between you is not bad, and the person himself is wonderful. But here’s the inconsistency: after communicating with him it becomes difficult and restless. On top of all this, you still feel a sense of guilt that you can’t get along with such a good person.

Remember, you have nothing to do with it! Whatever, the superficial illusion of well-being cannot be trusted. If after close communication your soul feels lousy, then something is clearly wrong here. We talked to a psychologist and compiled a list of 5 types of people whose communication with them is poisonous from the inside.


The problem with the selfish personality type is that they will never accept other people’s opinions. By nurturing his inner self, such a person literally cuts off the oxygen to those around him, preventing them from developing self-esteem. Being around such people for a long time is real torture and is very harmful to mental health. It is better to minimize any communication with such people.


Have you noticed that in joyful moments, some people from your surroundings literally disappear from your life, but when you have problems, they appear again? The reason for this behavior lies in elementary envy: any hints at someone else’s happiness trigger in this type of personality a series of sufferings associated with their own inferiority. The catch is that it is very difficult to refuse communication with such a person, because he was there when things weren’t going well for you. Think carefully about whether this was friendly support or a way to boost your self-esteem against your background.


Such people are ideal interlocutors and pleasant friends (when it is convenient for them!). But, be prepared, in difficult times it is impossible to rely on them. You cannot rely heavily on such a person, because at the most crucial moment he often withdraws or disappears altogether. It is possible to communicate with this type of personality, but you need to clearly set the boundaries of acceptable expectations.


People of this type simply cannot help but judge. Your achievements are insignificant to them, and any effort is insufficient. They always compare you with someone else – and often not in your favor. It is impossible to convince such a person of anything. Sometimes they even talk as if the whole world is in their dock. By their very appearance they awaken a feeling of guilt in those around them. Think carefully about how valuable communication with such a person is for you.


Such a person will always drag you down: into unpleasant companies, back to bad habits or past life principles. People of this type will do everything to ensure that you do not change in any way – simply because it is so convenient for them. Most often, such personalities lie in those closest to you, as well as childhood friends, as well as people who have been an important part of your life. Their influence is great and therefore especially dangerous. Refusal to communicate with such people is not necessary, but you will have to convey to them your “No” more than once.

What to do after an unpleasant conversation

There are people with whom even a minute in the same room stretches into hours, their mood plummets at lightning speed, and their head hurts. Find out below what to do in such cases.

  1. Be sure to wash your hands. Believe me, this method always works! Especially if you feel a momentary loss of strength. You should hold your hands under the running water for at least a minute or two. This way, the water will remove all the accumulated negativity from you.
  2. Words carry not only meaning, but also energy. When you hear envious sayings, flattery, feigned wishes addressed to you, say in a whisper, “Say in good times, keep silent in bad times.”
  3. If you are openly offended and cursed, respond with the following phrase: “Take it back.”
  4. After an unpleasant conversation, mentally release all the negativity you heard through your left hand. At the same time, repeating in your mind: “Remove all the dirt and negative energy from me.” It is enough to repeat this for 2-3 minutes.

Isn’t it easy? Believe me, these elementary methods urgent energy assistance they help a lot. Despite their obvious simplicity, they should not be neglected. Read here what you need to do in the fall to be happy.

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