What to do if the toilet is clogged: instructions and help

What to do if the toilet is clogged: instructions and help

Probably, each of us at least once in our lives has encountered such an unpleasant situation as a clogged toilet. A problem like this almost always takes you by surprise, bringing with it a number of inconveniences. After reading this article, you will be prepared for any pitfalls that are hidden in the sewer system of your home. Editorial “With Taste” I have collected the most effective methods for cleaning pipes if you have The toilet clogged.

Harbingers of lurking danger are often weak outflow, cloudy water with waste residues, or rising water after pressing the flush button. If you still missed this moment, do not rush to despair! You can clean the toilet even without the help of a plumber or a plunger. Often in such situations, the most common means at hand are used.

What could be causing the blockage?

A blockage in the toilet can be caused by many reasons: from operational errors to initially incorrect installation of plumbing. Below we consider the main factors influencing the appearance of blockages:

  • consequences of repair work (cement residues, construction chips and dust);
  • incorrect size of drain pipes;
  • inappropriate angle of inclination of the drain pipe;
  • wipes, diapers, pads;
  • floor rags, sponges or other textiles;
  • leftover food, tea leaves or preserves;
  • cat litter for the tray;
  • toilet paper in large quantities.

All this accumulates inside the toilet pipe, which leads to gradual clogging of your plumbing. We figured out the reasons, but how to clean the toilet itself?

The toilet is clogged: 5 ways to clear the clog without a plunger

Luckily, cleaning a toilet isn’t that difficult. Even the most serious blockage can be easily eliminated with means that everyone has at home. Typically, a plunger is used for such cases. However, what to do if it is not at hand? We have collected 5 effective ways to clean pipes without hand plumbing tools.

Hot water and dish soap

First, fill the pan with hot water (not boiling water!). Raise the container to your waist and slowly pour water into the toilet. As strange as it may sound, the pressure of falling water significantly reduces blockages. If that doesn’t work, add a little more liquid dishwashing detergent to the toilet. The water in the drain will become soapy, which should make the clog slippery. Wait 20–30 minutes. After this, flush the toilet several times.

Vinegar and baking soda

Add 1 tbsp to the drain. l. baking soda. Next, pour in 50–100 ml of vinegar. This will give you a fizzy chemical reaction. Wait until foaming stops. Then pour a liter of hot water into the toilet and turn on the flush.

Toilet brush

If you don’t have a plunger at home, use a regular toilet brush. Insert it into the drain hole, moving it up and down. Such actions will break down the obstacles to drainage that caused the clogged toilet. If you do not want to ruin the brush, wrap it in a plastic bag before use.

wire hanger

Take a regular wire hanger and make it into something similar to a cable. Carefully insert the resulting wire into the toilet drain and move it in different directions. Be extremely careful not to injure yourself or scratch the toilet lining.

Soda bottle

For this method, you will need a pair of rubber gloves as you will need to stick your hands into the toilet. We can consider this to be the last attempt to clear the blockage without a plumber and a plunger. Fill a 2-liter bottle with hot tap water. To prevent water from spilling out, pinch the neck with your thumb and lower the bottle into the toilet. Next, remove your thumb and begin to squeeze the bottle tightly. Hot water and pressure should clear the clog.

For those who don’t like to “invent the wheel,” the best option is with special means for cleaning plumbing fixtures. They are inexpensive, quite effective and suitable for different types of pipes. At the same time, when choosing them, be careful: products containing alkali and acid can be harmful. Previously, we wrote how to make a universal cleaning product with your own hands.

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