What to do to prevent windows from fogging up

What to do to prevent windows from fogging up

It’s hard to complain about the quality of the windows in my apartment. They are all new: we installed them only the year before. Double-chamber double-glazed windows with two heat-saving glasses have two modes: summer and winter. However, as soon as the cold weather began, condensation appeared on the glass. The windows are crying, and so am I. There is no desire to spend money on expensive devices to remove excess moisture. But what to do, to keep the windows from fogging up? As always, my mother-in-law came to the rescue

A beloved relative shared a mega-budget product that will help prevent condensation on both expensive and ordinary cheap windows. Who would have thought that it is already on my kitchen shelf!

What to put on the window to prevent the windows from fogging up

No matter how hard you try to insulate your house, moisture in the air still condenses on the glass, creating not only unpleasant stains, but also possible problems. For example, mold and damage to window frames. However, today I will share with you one of the simplest and most cost-effective life hacks that will help you get rid of this annoying problem!

Bowl of salt on the windowsill

Why do I put a bowl of salt on my windowsill? The secret of its effectiveness lies in its ability to absorb moisture from the air. As soon as the temperature outside drops, moisture in the air accumulates on the surface of the windows in the form of condensation. Especially if the glass is cold. Place a bowl of salt on a windowsill or other convenient place near a window to prevent this phenomenon. How? Let’s sort it out!

The magic of salt

From ancient times, salt helps control the humidity level in a person’s home. It draws in all surrounding moisture. Place the salt near a window to reduce the chance of condensation. This method is really simple and accessible to everyone, and its effectiveness has been tested by our ancestors.

How to use salt to combat condensation on windows:

  • Choose a suitable bowl. It’s best to use a bowl with a bottom wide enough to hold enough salt. Plastic or glass bowls will work.
  • Fill the bowl with salt. To start, you can use regular kitchen salt. Fill the bowl halfway or a little higher.
  • Place the bowl near the window. Place the bowl on a windowsill or shelf next to a window that is often covered in condensation.
  • Check the salt level. Over time, the salt will begin to absorb moisture and its level may increase. Add salt as needed.
  • Replace salt periodically. Salt becomes saturated with moisture over time, so it is important to change it periodically to ensure it remains effective.

How to deal with condensation on windows

Besides using salt, don’t forget about other ways to reduce condensation on your windows. Good ventilation helps remove excess moisture from a room, and installing double glazing or insulating window frames can significantly reduce condensation.

By following these tips and using a salt trap for moisture, you can enjoy winter days in comfort without the hassle of condensation on your windows.

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