Which house cleaning hacks don’t work?

Which house cleaning hacks don’t work?

Today, life hacks are incredibly popular because they make life much easier. Most of these tricks are aimed at cleaning. They help complete this process faster, and efficiency does not suffer. But there are also life hacks for cleaning your home. with zero resultswhich will be discussed in our material.

We have made for you a selection of stupid tricks that do nothing to help you clean up your home. Not only do they not speed up the cleaning process, but such tricks they only make things worse. If you were thinking about using one of them, we advise you to abandon this idea.

Lifehacks for cleaning the house with zero efficiency

Trick #1

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On the Internet you can find an interesting life hack that allows you to perfectly clean a carpet without special tools. Its essence is to use washing powder for linen. They are advised by so-called experts to clean carpets.

In reality, washing powder will not be able to effectively remove dirt from this type of coating. In addition, it can damage the carpet and also discolor its fibers. Well, the musty smell is an unpleasant bonus that remains after such cleaning.

Trick #2

There is also life hack with dishwasher tablet, which, according to its author, helps remove dirt from the sofa better than other cleaning products. But is this method of cleaning upholstered furniture safe? Definitely not!

A dishwasher tablet is made to remove grease from dishes. Using it for purposes other than its intended purpose, or to be more precise, to clean a sofa, is a terrible idea. After all, the tablet can ruin the quality of the fabric and leave indelible marks.

Trick #3

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In the previous life hack, a dishwasher capsule was used as a cleaning agent for upholstered furniture, but in this one it was solved replace with lemon. The authors of this trick claim that in this way you can save a lot without spending money on special tablets.

Despite the fact that due to its high acid content, lemon is an excellent natural cleaner, it cannot cope with greasy stains on dishes. He won’t be able to wash them properly.

Trick #4

You can find a lot of advice on the Internet on how to effectively clean a toilet. Some people recommend this mix products of different colors. After all, they believe that a mixture of such cleaning agents will show brilliant results.

In fact, combining several toilet bowl cleaners is dangerous. After all, they contain bleach. As a result of such mixing, harmful gases can be released that have a detrimental effect on the human body.

Trick #5

The last life hack on our list is perhaps the most popular toilet cleaning method that you can see on the Internet. He assumes using coca cola. They say it cleanses absolutely everything.

Of course, due to the acid contained in Coca-Cola, soda can remove even the most stubborn stains. But it will not help in the fight against germs. Also, Coca-Cola is not able to eliminate the unpleasant odor. If you don’t want to be left with a sticky residue after cleaning your toilet, avoid using soda.

If you want to clean your house well, you don’t need to resort to using one of these life hacks. Since they definitely won’t help you get a good result. What other stupid cleaning tricks do you know?

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