Why a small pocket on jeans: how it appeared and what to put in it

Why a small pocket on jeans: how it appeared and what to put in it

Today it is difficult to find a person who does not have at least a couple of jeans in his wardrobe. This versatile clothing is simply indispensable for everyday life. At the same time, the cut and details of classic models have been invented and improved for more than one decade. Ideally jeans should be comfortable, high quality and seasonal.

Have you ever wondered why manufacturers sew a mini-pocket over the front pocket of jeans? At first glance, it seems that such a detail is absolutely impractical. The department is not suitable for either a bunch of keys or a smartphone, even a banknote is placed in it with difficulty. In this article Edition “With Taste” will explain why this was invented small pocket on jeans In fact.

What to put in a small pocket on jeans

The history of jeans has a rich past. At one time they became a symbol of youth, rebellion and freedom. But few people know that the original concept of jeans included a more practical aspect. But more on that later. First, let’s look at the functions of a small pocket in the front of the jeans.

  • Storage of change and money. One of the main functions of this pocket is to store small parts and objects, in particular coins.
  • stylistic accent. Many consider this miniature pocket as a design element of jeans, which adds originality and expressiveness to them.
  • Traditions. The appearance of a small compartment on jeans is associated with the storage of watches. If you delve into history, you can find out that mini-pockets were sewn on old models of jeans back in the 19th century.
  • Convenience. The small pocket can be useful for storing small items such as tablets, headphones or a mini player.
  • As you can see, the pocket was invented for a reason: for everyone it has its own purpose. This piece combines practicality with a sentimental value that makes it more than just a decoration.

    The history of denim pockets

    All jeans have plus or minus a similar “design” of pockets: 2 in the back, 2 deep in the front. The fifth pocket is hidden inside the front right pocket. Officially, the date of “birth” of jeans falls on May 1873. Then Levi Strauss, the enterprising son of a hawker, patented his invention in the US Patent and Trademark Office. His activity was associated with the production of “strapless work overalls with pockets for a knife and money.” So, the pants, which would later become a cult piece of clothing, were originally intended for ordinary workers, builders and farmers.

    What was the small pocket used for before?

    The same fifth pocket flaunted already on the first models of classic jeans. By the way, it is mistakenly called the fifth. If you follow the chronology of the appearance of pockets, then this baby was the fourth, since at the beginning there was only one pocket in the back. The second back appeared on jeans only 28 years later.

    Version #1: for gold. It is believed that models with a secret pocket were partly invented for miners who could store small gold nuggets in it.

    Version #2: for nails, bolts and other small things. The first jeans were purely utilitarian clothes, which were tailored to the exact needs of future wearers. It is believed that such a pocket was simply necessary for workers in order to store various trifles: hairpins, nails, rivets, bolts and other little things.

    Version #3: for fire and gunpowder. We all know that jeans are the classic cowboy attire. Rumor has it that smoking shepherds from the Wild West asked for the coveted pocket. So they sewed a department for storing a Zippo lighter, which was included in a narrow “pencil case”, like a glove. Cowboys also kept special flammable gunpowder capsules for their Colts in a mini-pocket.

    Now they just don’t put it in it: and grocery list sticky notes, and flash drives, and magnetic keys, and travel vouchers. Guitarists often put their picks in the pocket. Rumor has it that the fifth pocket is the best place for an engagement ring. How do you use this cute denim stash? We are waiting for you in the comments.

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