Why do you need daily diaries in everyday life?

Why do you need daily diaries in everyday life?

My mother-in-law’s house is clean and orderly. Guests always admired the decor in her apartment. And only once did this strict and collected woman manage to shock me. When I accidentally looked into her kitchen cabinet, I found a gasket glued to the inside wall. That same evening I carefully asked my mother-in-law, Why are daily diaries needed in such a place?. Surprisingly, this question did not bother her. An explanation followed immediately!

As it turns out, this hygiene item is multifunctional and helps solve various household problems. My mother-in-law buys daily diaries from the most budget brands, because she uses up these hygiene products quite quickly. Now I’ll tell you how to actually solve more than one serious problem using the cheapest gaskets. How to use them in everyday life and how they can help, read on.

Shoe question

Panty liners can make wearing new and not so good shoes much more comfortable. For example, new shoes tend to rub the heels or little toes. But there is no need to endure corns, calluses and blisters. After all, it is enough to stick a piece of sanitary pad on the problematic part of the shoes, and the skin of your feet will not be damaged.

If the shoe rubs the heel or has a hard heel, cut a small piece of padding (preferably with a soft coating) and glue it inside the boot or shoe. The pad adheres well to the shoe and remains in place even after several hours of wear.

But when wearing boots in the fall, we face another problem: wet feet. If your shoes get wet due to puddles or snow, glue a panty liner to the insole. It perfectly absorbs moisture from wet shoes. Your feet will immediately feel dry and comfortable.

The pads work in the same way if your feet sweat a lot. Sweat is simply absorbed into the pad and the foot remains dry. So you can also glue them to the insole of sneakers.

Cleaning the Microwave Oven

If you have stains and splashes inside your microwave, you can use a panty liner to clean them easily. Moisten it, place it inside the microwave and turn it on for a few minutes at maximum power. After this, you can easily wipe off all dirt.

Women’s pads and clothing

Panty liners can also be used as adhesive plaster in a variety of places. For example, daily strips can be glued to the hard parts of the bra so that they do not rub the skin.

In the summer, some women glue diaries to their clothes in the armpit area. Sweat is absorbed into the pad, leaving your clothes dry and smelling good. For people who sweat profusely, this is a godsend.

If the pads are scented, you can use them as a fragrance for linen and clothes. Simply stick the feminine remedy onto the inside wall of your closet or bedside table. All clothes will smell fresh. It can also be further flavored by adding a drop of any essential oil.

Plant care

If you have plants that need constant moisture, you can use panty liners to create a water reservoir. Place a liner at the bottom of a basket or pot before planting and it will slowly release moisture, keeping the soil moist.

Daily diaries on the kitchen shelf

Finally we came to a question that at first confused me, and then seemed brilliant to me. You’ve probably also noticed that small midges sometimes fly around the kitchen. They are in search of food and may even settle in a jar of cereals.

To keep unwanted guests out of your kitchen cabinets, my mother-in-law recommends using a gasket generously treated with clove essential oil. Insects cannot stand the aroma of this spice. They will never live in a closet that smells of cloves. Are you worried that your husband or sons won’t see this purely feminine device? It can be glued so that it is completely invisible. For example, to the back wall of a shelf.

Panty liners are not only a hygiene product; they can be useful in various situations of everyday life. Use them for creative purposes to make your life more comfortable and convenient. Do you use gaskets in addition to their main functionality? Share: why do you need daily journals in your everyday life?

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