Why do you need dry lavender in the house

Why do you need dry lavender in the house

Everyone in our family loves lavender. For the fifth year now, several lavender bushes of different species and hybrids have flaunted in the garden. And almost every summer, my daughter and I collect whole armfuls of lavender flowers in order to distribute them to our relatives and friends. Somehow even godfathers were sent to another country.

So they later said that there was just an amazing smell at the local post office for a few more days. Today I will tell you about how to properly use this beautiful plant in everyday life. In the article below you will find out why you need dry lavender in the housewhy it is useful and why this beautiful plant is so popular in cosmetology.

Experiment with lavender

Not so long ago, American scientists conducted an interesting experiment, after which it became clear why put lavender in the bedroom next to the bed. The study involved 30 volunteers aged 55 to 80 years. For a month before going to bed, the participants had to inhale the scents of lavender, eucalyptus, and rosemary. The results of the experiment were not long in coming: after the first time, the smells stimulated the brain. The parts of the brain responsible for for memory and cognitive abilities in general.

Thus, scientists have confirmed that aromatherapy is very beneficial, especially for older people. During the experiment, diffusers with a mixture of essential oils were used. At home, you can make a breathable bag with lavender stems and flowers. At the end, put a drop of oil on it and put it under or next to the bed.

Lavender: Properties and Applications

Often, indoor air is polluted with all sorts of allergens, pet hair, street dust, and particles of human skin. In addition, a lot of unpleasant odors accumulate in the kitchen and living room during cooking. You can neutralize all this with the help of lavender stems, flowers and, accordingly, oil.

dry lavender

I put dry lavender flowers in small cotton bags. Then I hang the resulting blanks in cabinets, lay out in a chest of drawers between linens. Just take my word for it: bedding gets such an amazing smell of freshness that I already forgot when I used air conditioners or store sachets. In addition, the natural smell of lavender is great at repelling moths. Bags of dried flowers can also be placed between pillowcases and pillows for sound sleep and quality recuperation.

Dried lavender is often used in flower arrangements. You need to collect the plant for drying immediately after its inflorescences open. At this time, the aroma and color of lavender flowers is most intense. Dry it, like any other herb, should be in a well-ventilated, warm room, away from direct sunlight.

Shower and bath with lavender

I recommend adding flowers with lavender sprigs to your evening bath as often as possible. Another option: just put a couple of drops of natural lavender oil into an aroma lamp. So you fill the room with the tart aroma of soothing lavender. Lavender is believed to help relieve stress, as well as find intellectual and emotional balance. For some, the properties of lavender relieve pain in the back, neck and joints.

You can also prepare a natural lavender body scrub, mixing lavender seeds with sugar or salt. I add a couple more drops of lavender oil to a bathtub filled with warm water or drip into the corner of the shower. Then I inhale deeply the amazing smell of my favorite plant.

Lavender water

If you have a lot of lavender or lavender oil, make lavender water. Mix 10 drops of essential oil, 90 ml of distilled water and 30 ml of vodka in a glass jar. The last component acts as a preservative, helping the ether to be evenly distributed in the water. Shake the jar well. Make sure the lid is tightly closed. On an industrial scale, lavender water (lavender distillate) is used as part of creams, lotions and tonics for the faceas well as in cooking (for flavoring desserts, pastries, drinks).

Lavender oil for body care

Often I take an already started bottle of unscented moisturizer (lotion), carefully unscrew the cap and drip a few drops of natural lavender essential oil inside. Next, I stir everything first with a straw dispenser, and then, twisting the lid, I shake the bottle properly until the oil is completely dissolved in the lotion. Attention: I do not recommend adding essential oil to cosmetic products for sensitive skin.

Lavender for hair

Lavender, like any other plant from the mint family, is traditionally used for hair and scalp care. To do this, you need to add 3-5 drops of lavender to your usual conditioner or hair mask. Then hold the mixture on your head for about 10 minutes under cellophane. As a result – shiny smelling hair already after the second use!

In folk medicine, it is believed that lavender oil heals cuts and minor burns. It also soothes itching from insect bites. So, you need to completely cool the painful place, wipe it with water and apply a little natural essential oil. And about that what plants serve as a talisman against the evil eye and spoilageread the next article.

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