Why glue cling film to windows: a life hack for the winter

Why glue cling film to windows: a life hack for the winter

The cold weather is approaching, but there is still no heating, and if there is, then for many it is quite weak. And if you, like me, are the “lucky” owner of old windows through which there is always draft, I recommend using a tool that absolutely any housewife can find. We are talking about polyethylene insulation. I tell you below, how to glue cling film on windowsto make your home warm and cozy.

The result is quite good, but you will have to come to terms with one drawback – the view of the yard/street will deteriorate significantly. But since such insulation is considered temporary (for the winter), it is definitely worth it. Ideally, this option is suitable for those who urgently need to insulate their windows, but do not have a suitable sealant at hand.

Why glue cling film to windows?

I come from a small town in the north of our country. The windows in our apartment building have been carefully restored, but they are quite old, from the 80s. Accordingly, cold air passes through the cracks, forming a draft throughout the apartment.

But at the dacha they installed new metal-plastic ones. As an experiment, my husband and I somehow covered both the windows with regular film, trying to retain as much heat as possible. I couldn’t believe it – such a huge difference. Both at home and at the dacha it immediately became more comfortable to be in both late autumn and winter. The cold no longer passed through the glass, and it was pleasant to stand next to them. In addition, I was protected from the curious glances of neighbors and passers-by, because our apartment is on the first floor.

As it turns out, cling film is excellent. window insulation solution. It retains heat inside the room without releasing it outside. This simple and economical method is especially relevant for owners of private houses. It is also quite common for windows to freeze in rooms where doors are opened. This could be a hallway, veranda or corridor. This kind of insulation is especially effective on the balcony. And all you need is water, a spray bottle, plastic wrap and tape. You can buy all this at a regular supermarket or hardware store.

Let’s get to work. Spray warm water from a spray bottle all over the window. I couldn’t believe that ordinary water was the only thing that held the film tightly on the glass without leaving any marks. Then measure the glass inside the frames and cut as much film as you need. Place it on the windows and, starting from the top corner, gently press it against the glass. Use tape or tape to connect the film to the frame.

With the onset of warmer weather, you can easily remove filmby simply pulling it by one edge. I leave it on the window for the entire cold season, until mid-April. When you remove it, you will notice that there are absolutely no marks left on the glass. This method, which seems banal at first glance, perfectly insulates all the cracks and does not allow drafts to pass through. Try it! Previously, we wrote how to make a lantern candle from a plastic bottle.

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