Wise quotes by Alice Freindlich

Wise quotes by Alice Freindlich

For me, Alisa Freindlich was and remains a bright representative of the generation of the outgoing era. People from the USSR were distinguished by honesty, kindness, diligence and their naive outlook on the world in a good way. Once I read about the fate and main values ​​​​of this actress, involuntarily comparing her with women of our time.

Most of them have learned the laws of the market economy – to find a quiet quiet job with a good salary. Few people want to go down a winding road, overcoming obstacles. Thus, a person grows and begins to respect himself. This is how one can describe 88-year-old star of “Office Romance”. On this occasion Edition “With Taste” and collected the legendary Alice Freindlich quotes.

15 graceful quotes by Alice Freindlich

It seems to me that Freindlich is a man of high morals. She would never forgive herself for lies, hypocrisy, laziness and cowardice. True happiness for her – be honest with yourself and the audience. Let’s read the most striking statements of the actress in order to understand what conclusions she came to over the years:

  1. “My only mistake: for three-quarters of my life I thought that everything was still ahead.”
  2. “Some have a job, others have a destiny.”
  3. “I am sad to see that people, along with other freedoms, have gained freedom from conscience.”
  4. “Yevtushenko has this line: “There are no uninteresting people in the world.” This is where I disagree with him. There are people – oceans, whose depth is beyond understanding. And there are puddles – small and shallow, with mud at the bottom. I stepped over and forgot.”
    “Stress is the best diet.”
  5. “In order to give oneself, one must first acquire a soul. But it is not given to us at birth, it is acquired over the years, nurtured by good deeds, impressions and shocks.
  6. “All our lives we sign for the fact that we do not know ourselves to the end.”
  7. “Happiness is love. Although, if love is not mutual, it can hardly be called happiness. But inside oneself it is still happiness, because it is much more harmonious, more beneficial, it is much more important to love than to be loved.
  8. “To sit for a long time waiting is somehow obscene. It is wasteful and unfair to one’s destiny.”
  9. “While you are young, you want to receive and learn. When you are mature and have already learned a lot, you want to share it, give energy. And then, when you are already old, you need the same “potter” nearby to grow geraniums together.
  10. “Loneliness is when there is no one to give yourself to.”
  11. “The attraction of the mind breeds respect, the attraction of the soul breeds friendship, the attraction of the body breeds desire. All this together is love. If even one component is missing, you will get anything but love.”
    “I’m not interested in people who don’t open their souls.”
  12. “Beauty educates people, it is one of the most serious ways of moral influence.”
  13. “Away with doubts and fears! Away with the thought that “you need to get on your feet.” You are already ready, you are already strong! Take action so as not to miss your chance. Life only seems long and full of possibilities, in fact, it flies by. And the best day to be happy is today.”

Agree, among the Soviet movie stars there were quite a few spectacular, bright and talented women. And only a few distinguished themselves with their charisma. Such actresses were not afraid to look funny or inappropriate: from this their true essence becomes more noticeable. With such actresses, we compare Alisa Brunovna Freindlich, admiring her infinite wisdom and talent! We previously wrote about 3 healthy habits to slow down brain aging.

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