Zamioculcas, or the Dollar Tree: Signs and Superstitions

Zamioculcas, or the Dollar Tree: Signs and Superstitions

Zamioculcas is a plant that adorns any interior, giving housing a more comfortable look. Its smooth glossy leaves of deep green color attract the eyes of everyone without exception. At the same time, a mature flower is able to reach a height of 2-3 meters and in this form already becomes like a tree.

Due to the color and shape of the leaves, Zamioculcas is popularly called the dollar tree. According to beliefs, the plant can both bring trouble and bring prosperity to its owner. Today Edition “With Taste” will tell you what it is dollar tree, omens related to the flower, and whether it is worth keeping at home.

What is good zamiokulkas

Zamioculcas flower growers are attracted by the fact that they belong to the list of the most unpretentious indoor plants. The dollar tree can live a long time without watering and rarely needs to be repotted. And even if this plant will stand in a dimly lit place, it will not lose the brightness of its leaves.

Like many other decorative aroid crops, zamiokulkas contains active substances. This plant is used as a vegetable raw material in the preparation of medicinal infusions, which have proven themselves in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Among other things, the dollar tree filters and enriches the air literally anywhere.

However, before you bring the dollar tree home, it’s worth thinking about it a few times! There are both mystical and quite logical reasons for this. Below we understand what’s what.

Is zamiokulkas poisonous

The leaves of the dollar tree contain harmful cell sap. Moreover, toxic substances are present in all its parts – stems, leaves and rhizomes. If zamiokulkas juice gets on the skin, then small spots may appear on it over time, as if from a burn. If parts of the plant enter the stomach, they can cause severe upset of the digestive system.

If the juice gets on the mucous membrane of the eye, it can cause severe burning and even blurred vision. Also, due to the Zamioculcas liquid, allergic manifestations such as a runny nose, rash or cough may occur. Remember that you need to take care of the plant only with gloves. And if there are animals or small children in the house, then it is better to refuse the dollar tree altogether.

Dollar tree – a husband or a magnet for money

According to folk beliefs, the plant can easily endow its unmarried owner with a crown of celibacy. This sign is most often associated with the poisonousness of the plant. It is also believed that Zamioculcas has a special energy that can protect women from men.

Naturally, these signs have not been proven by science. However, some women are said to have been able to find happiness in their personal lives after getting rid of the dollar tree.

There is another sign, according to which Zamiokulkas can bring a girl long awaited marriage proposal. However, for this the plant must bloom. Also, a flowering dollar tree promises pregnancy, good luck in a career or work to its mistress at home.

If the plant fades before our eyes, it means. that financial failures are coming. In no case should you throw it away: you must either treat the flower or buy another one of the same plant. A healthy dollar tree will share its energy with a fading one.

With proper care, Zamioculcas can make any woman happier. Required condition – the flower must be given. The acquired plant, on the contrary, will bring loneliness and failure in love affairs to its owner. Earlier we wrote what tea will help get rid of a headache.

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